Cat Spray Stop Review – To Buy or Not To Buy? Here’s The Answer

Cat spraying is quite a common behavior among pets nowadays. But what causes it in the first place? Well, scientists are still researching on the cause of this although some say that it’s a response to distress or the need to mark territory (more on that later). The truth of the matter is that the entry of programs like Cat Spray Stop by Susanne Westinghouse promises to change how your furry-friend behaves once and for all. How exactly does it work? Stick around to find out.


Product Name: Cat Spray Stop

Author/Creator: Susan Westinghouse

Price: $37.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website:

Cat Spray Stop
Cat Spray Stop
The Cat Spray Stop program is designed to help you deal with your cat peeing on the carpet, furniture, couch and everything else other than the litter box.
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Cat Spray Stop – What Is It?

Imagine it’s a Thanks Giving evening and you have friends coming over to your place. But as soon as they knock on your door, they can’t help but notice the pungent smell coming from your living room. And that’s all because your cat has been peeing on the carpet, furniture, couch and everything else other than the litter box.

So, the visitors reluctantly agree to share the turkey with you but on their way back home, they can’t help but talk about how unkempt your house is.

That happens despite the fact that you’ve been cleaning the house every so often. In fact, you probably have been investing in the most expensive detergent there is on the market but none of these seem to work.

The Cat Spray Stop program is designed to help you deal with such challenges. Authored by someone who boasts a long experience of dealing with kittens, this course leaves no stone unturned in helping your cat overcome this behavioral problem once and for all.

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What Causes Your Cat To Spray?

According to the expert behind this course, Susanne Westinghouse, cat spraying emanates from a psychological reaction. So, it’s something that’s conceived in your cat’s mind. It either occurs as a response to stress or the need for a cat to reinforce its authority over a given territory.

As you know, a long time ago, cats were entirely wild creatures. In the wild, they had to mark their territories using urine in order to alert invaders of their presence. In fact, if you study the behavior of other members of the cat family that still live in the wild, you’ll notice that they still do this.

So, the key to stopping your cat from spraying is by using a strategy that trains the mind. And that’s what makes the Cat Spray Stop guide by Susanne so unique.

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How Will This Program Help You?

First off, this is a self-help guide that’s broken down into small steps that you can take from today to bring your cat’s peeing problem to an end. And no, you don’t need to be a pet expert to be in a position to use it. Likewise, there’s no fancy equipment, tools or technology needed to implement this training. All you need to do is dedicate some time so you can work alongside your lovely pet. And needless to say, this will provide you with a unique opportunity to bond with them.

So, the program starts out by exploring the root cause of cat spraying behavior. Through well-written real-life examples, it helps you determine what the problem with your cat could be.

Then it highlights some handy methods that you can introduce. Of course, it recommends that you start with the least invasive methods possible. And so you’re expected to begin by making some small but extremely important changes around your house.

In most cases, these small changes are enough to change your cat’s behavior. However, if the cat doesn’t change, the guide further shares some highly advanced interventions. And the best part is that those interventions don’t involve anything to do with medication or punishing your cat.

All the methods used within this guide are extremely easy to implement and are also 100% natural.

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The Benefits of This System

Easy To Use

As we have already mentioned, this program is designed for everyone – meaning you don’t need any special skills to use it. The guide is highly detailed but authored in a language that everyone, including people who have no experience in training pets, can understand. What’s more? Each one of its 6 chapters shares importantly, meaningful, and impactful advice.


This course takes an all-around approach to survival. For instance, not only does it show you how to light up a fire but it also shows you how to find water. At the same time, it also teaches you more about personal safety in addition to exposing you to handy strategies for making a protective shelter from scratch.

Easy To Follow

Think about the number of costly visits you’d need to make to a vet or the expensive detergents you’d need to buy! This program is designed to help you cut all that cost. In fact, you only need to part with a one-off purchasing fee. And you’ll enjoy a full, lifetime access to this handy program. In addition, you’ll get all the future updates done for you at absolutely no additional cost. How cool is that?

Guaranteed To Work

Yup, you read that right. In case you use this program and aren’t satisfied with the value it offers, you’ll have the liberty to claim your money back. That’s all thanks to a handy, 60-day money back guarantee. So, in other words, you won’t need to pay up until you’re totally in love with the results offered by this digital course.

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  • You’ll need to devote time and effort to train your cat and that might be difficult especially for the busy folks.
  • The program is currently available in English-Only, no Spanish, German, Italian, & Portuguese versions exist.
  • If you prefer a physical, hard copy version of the program, then you’ll not be happy with the fact that this is only available in digital format

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What to Consider Before You Buy

This program is designed for pet parents who are willing to be a little patient. That’s because it’s designed to offer long-term solutions rather than short-term quick fixes.

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About The Author

This program has been compiled but none other than Susan Westinghouse. She is a cat expert and avid veterinarian who claims to have helped hundreds of cat owners. Judging from her approach to training, it’s clear that she’s a down-to-earth person with a deep passion for the job she does.

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Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a long-lasting solution to your cat’s peeing problem? We think you should consider giving the Cat Spray Stop program a shot. It offers sound advice and most importantly, it’s backed by years of scientific research.

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The Cat Spray Stop program is designed to help you deal with your cat peeing on the carpet, furniture, couch and everything else other than the litter box.

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