Combat Fighter Review – Program by John Black

It’s impossible to tell what will happen to you in the next minute. And with the rising rates of crime and terrorism, you can’t count on any law enforcement agency to provide you with personal security unless you’re the President. As such, it’s extremely important to acquire self-defense skills. That’s the only way to ensure you’re never caught flat-footed and that you can protect your family no matter what. It is this need that saw the introduction of the Combat Fighter online self-defense course.

Combat Fighter Review

This is an online-based course that’s designed for both young and old folks who don’t want to gamble with their lives. The program was created by someone who is still serving in our disciplined forces. It’s based on real-life experiences and most importantly takes a totally unique approach to personal security matters.

So, basically, within this eCourse are unique techniques that are commonly used by the Delta Force, SEALs, Canadian JTF-2, British SAS, Australia’s Tactical Assault Group, and above all the Israel Special Forces.

The objective behind this entire course is to help you become a capable fighter in a matter of hours. As such, this course is perfectly suited for anyone who may not have a lot of hours to train.

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How It Works

Put simply, this course works by providing you with some easy-to-master tactics. These tactics are broken down for you and presented in a step-by-step style effectively ensuring that you can master quite a lot of skills even in a single weekend. For example, some of the techniques included on the menu are:

The Center Line Strike

This is one of the most effective self-defense tactics as it taps into your ability to react instinctively. And due to the spontaneous nature of this easy-to-master technique, you can comfortably use it to stun your opponent. And before they come to terms with this move, you’ll have gotten a good opportunity to retreat to safety.

The Blitz Blast

Best known for being an unorthodox move that devastates your opponent in nanoseconds, the Blitz Blast stands tall among the leading techniques contained in this guide. And the good thing with this strategy is that it’s also meant to help train you on confidence and the ability to remain in control even when things happen way too fast than expected.

The Force Hijack Method

Just like the Center Line Strike tactic, the Force Hijack method taps into your body’s reflexes. So, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the methods that heavily rely on your ability to respond spontaneously. On top of that, this method gives you the ability to harness your attacker’s strength and actually use it against them.

The Surgical Strike

It’s one thing to face a civilian attacker but another to deal with someone who has been professionally trained. In that case, you’ll need to count on a rare and unique method such as the Underhand Ocular Control which overwhelms an attacker by causing a massive neurological disruption. So, it doesn’t matter how experienced the guy is, as long as you make good use of the tips and tidbits in this program, you’ll be sure to overwhelm in a jiffy.

One and Done

Tired of following self-defense programs that never work? The unfortunate truth is that a vast majority of these programs use complicated techniques that actually leave the learner confused. The One and Done tutorial is meant to bring all that confusion to an end. It works by helping consolidate the skills you currently possess and by removing all the complexities.

The Tipping Point Principle

The unique attribute of this principle is that it shows you exactly how you need to react depending on the existing situation. For instance, it shows you when to retreat from attack to defense – and vice-versa.

The Third Eye

Good situational awareness is an important part of self-defense. Without good situational awareness, it would be difficult to know the right kind of response to employ. Remember, the goal is not to inure and incapacitate the attacker without any good reason. The goal is to defend yourself and protect yourself (and your family) from any sort of danger or damage and hopefully flee to safety.

The Third Eye method is, therefore, an important skill to acquire. It helps you to relax, be aware of your surroundings so you can choose the best technique to use.

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Benefits of This Program

*Easy-to-implement because it’s broken down into tiny bits
*Only contains the practical skills you need to be safe every time
*Compared to the typical cost of hiring a trainer, this program is quite affordable
*You don’t need any previous knowledge in self-defense to ace this
*This course can boost your morale and enhance your self-confidence
*Enhances your reflex ensuring you’re always physically conditioned to deal with dangerous situations
*This training is important for globetrotters as it helps you stay safe no matter where you go
*Besides combat training, this course also equips you with important social skills & self-discipline
*Backed by a 60-day iron-clad, money back guarantee which secures your value for money

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3 Problems with It

(1)Requires consistent practice for one to brush up their skills
(2)This program is entirely online-based, there’s no physical version of it available
(3)The author of this program doesn’t reveal his name and that makes him less trustworthy

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About The Author

The person behind this program is currently a member of the US army and he admits that he faced self-confidence issues growing up. Owing to the fact that he’s still in the active service, he prefers to use the pseudonym John Black to protect his identity. It’s not unusual for prominent authors to use pen names to protect their identities and, therefore, we think John Black deserves to be trusted. His style of training is quite good plus he shares some pretty powerful training strategies.

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Final Thoughts

The old fighting and self-defense tactics no longer work. And for that reason, you want to make sure that you only use a program that’s well-thought-out. That way, you can bolster your personal security and take full charge of your family’s safety going forward. That’s why we’d like to encourage you to get a copy of the Combat Fighter program so you can take advantage of its unique approach to training.

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