DIY Smart Saw Review – A Must-Read

DIY Smart Saw Program is a complete guide to building your own computer-controlled Smart Saw in just hours. The Smart Saw is built from materials available at your local store. It is a CNC (Computer Numerical Machine) controlled unit and also works on autopilot. Simply put, it is a computer-controlled Smart saw controlled and managed from a computer. All you need is a USB cable, connecting your smart saw to the computer.


Product Name: DIY Smart Saw

Author/Creator: Alex Grayson

Price: $39.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website:

DIY Smart Saw
DIY Smart Saw
This is a program that instructs you on how to build your own CNC Smart Saw regardless of your expertise or experience in handling machines.
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DIY Smart Saw – What Is It?

Wood can be manipulated to form any size, design or shape. Therefore, the DIY smart saw system lets you load designs on your computer and then carves out wood according to the given specifications, carving out the exact measurements, accurately.

This is a program that instructs you on how to build your own CNC Smart Saw regardless of your expertise or experience in handling machines. And then gives you instructions on how to develop your own household or office woodwork products using your new invention.

The first step definitely is to buy the program available online. Then the next step is to follow instructions in the program. You will be instructed to buy tools necessary to build the DIY Smart saw. The tools are available in your local store and if your career is in carpentry and woodwork, you may already have some of the tools in your workshop.

After your machine is set-up, the next step is deciding what furniture you want to design and build. Then you can come up with the designs. Or alternatively, you can find lots of helpful designs on the internet, which you can adjust to suit your own style and taste.

Last but not least, connect your CNC DIY Smart Saw on your computer and watch as your invention works on autopilot to develop your wood products as designed.

Some of the many products you can make using the DIY Smart Saw include chairs, beds, shop signs, guitars, kids toys and playhouses, cutting boards, desks, tables, jewelry boxes, mailboxes, name it.

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Who Can Benefit From It?

This program can benefit anyone. It comes with easy instructions to follow. All the tools for building the CNC DIY Smart Saw are available at your local store.

If you are already working in the woodwork industry, this program can take your career higher by helping you work autopilot, saving you lots of time.

It will help improve the skills of carpenters and woodworkers.It will definitely benefit those who have a passion for woodwork and are looking at taking their carpentry to the next level. It saves lots of time and money that would have been spent doing the work manually. That, of course, means more products in less time for the woodworker.

Likewise, if you are an entrepreneur, seeking a side-hustle, this program is recommended for you. It’s a zero-risk investment, as it comes with a money back guarantee. With less than $500 as Capital, you will have a new source of revenue.Buying the program at only $39, and buying the necessary tools, which will cost you between $200 and $500.

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No expertise required

You don’t need to be an engineer or have experience in making tools or wooden products. This program will teach you how to be an expert in making a computer controlled Smart saw in just hours, using tools acquired from your workshop, if you have one, or bought from your local store. You don’t need complicated systems, as the program will elaborate everything to you in four simple steps with detailed illustrations of how to do the construction. All you need is a normal computer, and no complicated software, and tools and you will have your CNC DIY Smart Saw.

Tools are locally available in your local store

You need a computer, USB cable and some tools that you will find in home or wood workshop, and some you will be required to buy. These are common tools readily available in your local store. You also don’t need any kind of special wood; you use what is available in your area.


No costly investment in buying a CNC Smart saw machine, as the tools will cost you between $200 and $500 (while a new CNC machine goes for thousands of dollars). You also save on wood, as there is no wastage of precious and expensive wood, in making trial and error wood products. The machine is accurate and fast. Last but not least, you save on buying furniture, toys and household things as you will make them yourself. This is a very cheap alternative to buying a brand New CNC Machine or second hand for that matter. It will save you a lot of dollars.


No worrying or frustration about coming up with the perfect designs. The machine works on autopilot to create exactly the design in the computer using all kinds of wood. Just one afternoon and you get to be trained to be an expert in woodwork. All you need to do is invest in the program that is only $39, a computer and tools, and you are set to go.

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  • Savings on buying a similar machine valued at not less than $400. Buying all the tools to build your own Smart Saw will cost about half of that.
  • New hobby that can earn you money and save you on the cost of buying furniture and lots of other household products.
  • Simple to follow instructions with Videos, Step by step Notes and in 3D
  • No risk in purchasing the program as it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee
  • Support system for all customers who purchase the product, as you get all your questions answered during the training period
  • You get enrolled in a members’ area with other users.

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  • This is a digital product and not available in your local store
  • No hard copy, but just a video online about the program
  • This program requires your action

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As a free bonus, you’ll receive the 101 CNC Woodworking program which will expose you to numerous woodworking ideas.

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About The Author

The program was invented by Alex Grayson, a former car engineer. The package has videos showing you Alex building a Smart Saw. Alex is a seasoned woodworker running one of the most successful, home-based businesses in America.

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Final Thoughts

We would totally recommend this program to any person who would like to explore their hobby and passion. The program would work best for individuals with an interest in the woodwork industry as it does a particularly good job in improving one’s skills. Above all, one can use this program to create new streams of income.

Verdict: Go for it.

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Go for it!

This is a program that instructs you on how to build your own CNC Smart Saw regardless of your expertise or experience in handling machines.

Features and Ease of Use
  • Savings on buying a similar machine
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Inexpensive
  • No hard copy
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