Fight 4 Family Review – Does It Contain Military Self-Defense Techniques?

Let me ask you a simple question – just how much does your family matter to you? Well, if your family is your everything, chances are that you’d like to do anything within your means to keep them happy and safe. But what if your wife or daughter came under an armed attack and you had to rescue them without getting anyone hurt?

Well, as it turns out, most of the self-defense tactics they teach in martial art classes are just sports. They hardly work in real-life and that’s why the Fight 4 Family course by John Hartman was created. It basically aims to teach you about this one killer move that can help you take down any attacker in seconds even if they’re bigger than you.

Fight 4 Family Review

Simply put, the Fight 4 Family program is a course or a step-by-step guide that educates you on some highly important fighting techniques. Unlike all other self-defense techniques, though, these ones are specifically meant to help you protect your family in the event of an attack or crisis.

Are you concerned about the rising crime rates in the country? This self-defense course if probably the weapon you need to protect your family.

And the best part is that these tactics can easily help you to disarm any attacker in a tenth of a second. Most importantly, you don’t have to be physically strong to take on the attacker. You just need to put the skills taught in this guide to practice – that’s all you need to do.

Remember, we’re all humans with weaknesses and these can be used against us especially during an attack. So, the goal of this course is to help you identify and overcome those weaknesses so you can remain in control at all time.

Let’s now get into the specifics with a summary of some of the things you’re bound to learn within this incredible course.

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The Don’ts

First, this course focuses on teaching what you should avoid doing once you realize you’re about to be attacked. For instance, when you realize that someone is following in the street, there are some things you can do which only increase your likelihood of being attacked. Ultimately, those are things that can expose you to a greater threat of being harmed and you need to avoid them.

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Top 6 Military Techniques

The author of this program was once a military officer and so he taps into his knowledge to train you on some battle-field tested fighting techniques. However, these are highly specialized techniques and should only be used when one is faced with life-threatening situations. The good thing is that this program breaks them down into tiny, easy-to-follow steps. So, even if this is your first time taking a self-defense training course, you’re bound to enjoy every minute of learning these techniques.

Escape Tactics

You don’t always have to engage the attacker. Sometimes, it’s better for you to create the time to escape to safety. In that regard, the Fight 4 Family program shows you exactly what you need to do to render your attacker harmless. Most importantly, these tactics will show you how exactly to break your attacker’s nose rendering them harmless.

The Primal Move

This is a fighting technique that enhances your natural movements. In a nutshell, the primal move simply retains your body to reclaim your ability to maintain your balance and move with elegance. The thing with this move is that it has deep roots in modern science. And to-date it’s one of the most revered body culture disciplines which provide you with a new way to gain power and speed.

Avoiding Fist Fights

If there’s one thing you want to avoid in the event of an attack is getting into a fist fighter with the attacker. This is especially the case if the attacker is stronger than you. Fortunately, within this program, you can easily learn how to knock out your opponent without having to engage them in a physical fight. And besides that, you’ll also get useful information on some of the common destructive weapons that most attackers tend to carry and how exactly you need to respond depending on the weapon they unleash on you.

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About The Author

John Hartman, the man behind this course is a retired member of the US army. He also claims to be a certified disaster and survival guru. He differs from other self-defense trainers in the sense that he believes that martial arts are just sports and can’t work in real-life self-defense situations.

You see, martial arts like taekwondo, kickboxing, and judo just don’t come out naturally. So, this course takes a totally different approach in ensuring that you learn natural movements premised on your ability to respond instinctively.

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Benefits of This Course

*This seems like a well-made crash course and is clearly meant to help you learn fast. You don’t need to spend years or months learning, just a few quick weeks and you’ll be good to go.

*Its more practical and efficient than the use of a gun. That’s because most attackers have guns anyway and trying to pull out yours might actually cause them to shoot you in some cases.

*You don’t have to be well-built or skilled in martial arts to benefit from this course. Anyone, male or female can easily catch up thanks to the fact that the training approach is quite smooth and efficient.

*Compared to the cost you’d need to pay for a face-to-face trainer, this guide is quite affordable.

*Backed by a 60-day, iron-clad money-back guarantee. Clearly, the author is ready to stand behind the quality of this product.

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3 Problems with It

(1)This is a PDF-format program, only available as an eBook
(2)It requires you to take action if you want to learn
(3)Its success depends on your ability to remain composed in the event of an attack

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Bonus #1: Fighting Fit – access to 53 minutes of live training footage.
Bonus #2: Underground Weapons – How to build them from scratch.
Bonus #3: Plan B Survival Guide – The alternative plan to neutralize your opponent.

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Final Thoughts

I could go on and on but I think my point has already been made. The Fight 4 Family program is a must-have whether this is your first time taking a self-defense course or you’re just seeking to upgrade your skills. That’s why we’d like to encourage you to get a copy of it especially now that it’s retailing at a limited-time discount.

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