Magnetic Laundry System Review – A Skeptic’s Insights

Has cleaning your clothes become a bit of a tall order because of the cost and health implications of detergents? The Magnetic Laundry System (MLS) might be the change you badly need to embrace. This is an interesting concept that empowers you to use two magnets to achieve pretty much the same objective detergents do but without the cost and harmful effects of it. Sounds like a crazy idea? We were also skeptical when we first heard of it until we took a closer look at it.


Product Name: Magnetic Laundry System

Author/Creator: Water Liberty

Price: $69.99 to $154.95

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website:

Magnetic Laundry System
Magnetic Laundry System
This is a system that comprises two huge magnets (actually the size of a typical bar soap). You simply need to attach them inside your washing machine whether it’s a top-loading or front-loading ones.
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Magnetic Laundry System – What Is It?

This is a system that comprises two huge magnets (actually the size of a typical bar soap). You simply need to attach them inside your washing machine whether it’s a top-loading or front-loading ones. Then you can put your clothes as usual and initiate the cleaning cycle. Apparently, the magnets will help get the dirt from your laundry.

The good thing with using magnets is that unlike detergents, they never run out. What’s more? Since the magnets don’t emit any harmful chemicals or smells, they can get the job done without jeopardizing your health and safety. And besides that, they also eliminate the need to run a rinsing cycle thereby helping you conserve your water.

Now, a system like this may sound like it’s too good to be true but that’s until you take a closer look at how exactly it works.

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How It Works

To understand how the MLS system works, we first of all need to understand how a normal cleaning process takes place. Water naturally comes with the inherent ability to clean up stuff. However, this ability is never achieved until a certain level of surface tension and slipperiness is achieved.

The role of detergents in the cleaning process is simply to achieve the desired level of surface tension to enable the water to do its job.

Likewise, the Magnetic Laundry System seeks to achieve a similar objective. That is to increase the surface tension of the water in order to increase water’s cleaning abilities. This is achieved by creating a magnetic field and that’s why the system ultimately uses a pair of magnets.

The main difference here is that, unlike with conventional detergents, magnets don’t get used up over time. And ultimately, that means you won’t need to be making frequent trips to the supermarkets for more detergents soon.

Can you imagine how much you spend on detergents every month? Well, if you multiply that by the 12 months that make up a year, you’ll notice that quite an amount of cash goes down the drain all in the name of buying detergents every year.

So, the MLS system seeks to help you recoup all that and, at the same time, achieve more health and environmental benefits. How cool is that?

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Benefits of the MLS System

Easy To Use

Yup, you don’t need to be a guru to understand how to use it. You simply need to open your washing machine and attach the two magnets on the surface. And if your washing machine’s surface isn’t metallic, you can simply place the two magnets inside and they’ll achieve pretty much the same objective. In other words, if you can use ordinary detergents, you’ll find using the MLS system a breeze – and in fact a lot easier than you can imagine.

Better for Your Health

Studies on the long-term effects of using detergents are still ongoing. That said, all signs point to the possibility of detergents causing all manner of health problems. Indeed, they can cause constant itching, headaches among other health concerns, over time. And with diseases like cancer becoming major concerns, you really don’t want to gamble with your health. Therefore, an alternative like MLS which enables you to ditch the harmful chemicals used to make other detergents sounds like a pretty health conscious one to take.

Saving the Environment

Is it possible to re-use the water you use for a typical cleaning process done with detergents? Absolutely not. You can’t even use it to water your plants, otherwise, they’d die. Yet, ultimately, this water eventually finds its way into the environment causing irreparable damage. What’s more? Cleaning with detergents requires you to use a lot more water since you have to take your clothes through a rinsing cycle. So, by using the MLS system you not only get water that’s re-usable but also cut on the amount of water used in a cycle. And if you really care about Mother Nature, as we all should, this would certainly be a good thing to do.

Cheaper To Use

The MLS magnets for cleaning clothes only require to be bought once in a lifetime. They’re actually backed by a 50-year warranty. That basically means that you can use them without ever caring anymore. You can clean as much laundry as you want without worrying about the detergent running out. So, in the end, this translates into significant savings.

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  • It seems to work best when hot water is used in the cleaning process
  • Not meant to replace your fabric softener or bleach
  • They upsell you on a bleach known as the Enzyme Concentrate

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About The Creators

This product belongs to the Water Liberty family. The company is known for being behind some of the ingenious inventions that aim to cut on water consumption by providing for more efficient ways to use the water that’s available. Of course, the long-term objective is to help save the environment and make life better for current and future generations.

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Final Thoughts

The Magnetic Laundry System is great but not perfect. It can help you avoid the toxic chemical residue caused by the conventional detergents. Most importantly, if used over time, it can help prevent the allergies and skin conditions that may be attributed to the harsh chemicals found in detergents. With those two facts in mind, we think the MLS system is certainly a good deal. That’s why we’d encourage you to give it a shot. If anything, it’s backed by a 50-year warranty and is quite reasonably priced. Verdict: Worth trying.

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This is a system that comprises two huge magnets (actually the size of a typical bar soap). You simply need to attach them inside your washing machine whether it’s a top-loading or front-loading ones.

Features and Ease of Use
  • Cheaper To Use
  • Saving the Environment
  • Better for Your Health
  • Upsell you on a bleach
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