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My Survival Farm Review: Dan Sullivan’s Guide Exposed

Eating organic food may not have been a thing in the past but it is the in thing right now. With so many lifestyle diseases affecting a huge number of people, it is important to eat healthily.

However, that is easier said than done because organic food is quite expensive in markets and the average person may find it hard to sustain a family on the same.

Okay, so have you thought about growing your own food? This sounds laughable especially if you are leading a modern busy lifestyle that does not give you the time to farm or you live in an urban area where space is limited.

Well, with My Survival Farm program, you can set up an autopilot garden on limited space, easily and cheaply. We know it sounds too good to be true so read on for the entire gist.


Product Name: My Survival Farm

Author/Creator: Dan Sullivan

Price: $39.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website: https://www.mysurvivalfarm.com

My Survival Farm
My Survival Farm
with My Survival Farm program, you can set up an autopilot garden on limited space, easily and cheaply.
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My Survival Farm Review – What it is?

Now aside from generating your own supply of organic food, have you ever stopped to think how you and your family would survive in the event of an epidemic? Think about it. You will not have access to many things and that includes food.

It is therefore important to stay prepared. My Survival Farm is a detailed guide that endeavors to help you survive tough times.

In the guide, you will find comprehensive instructions that will help you put up your farm, a list of herbs for treating common ailments, information on how to get rid of pests from your garden without using chemicals, and general information about keeping your garden alive.

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How it Works

We have previously mentioned that this guide aims at helping you survive adversity as well as generate your own supply of organic food.

As you can guess, there are many similar guides in the market. So, what makes this one any different? Well, not only does My Survival Farm teach you how to grow your food cheaply in limited space, but also how to keep it safe for future use.

Essentially, the guide is a plan showing you how to put up your garden and how to keep it thriving. In the guide, you will also find useful tips on how to make homemade fertilizer and how to safeguard your garden from intruders.

What you will probably love most about the farm you will set up is that it will run on autopilot. Simply put, you never have to stress about all the hard work that is associated with farming such as weeding, digging, or watering.

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What it Includes

Once you pay for the program, you will get instant access to instructions on how to put up your farm as well as other invaluable information on how to keep it in top condition.

In the introductory section, you will find detailed instructions on how to put up your farm. The instructions are simple and easy to execute so you do not need any prior knowledge doing this.

Moving right along, you get useful tips on how to get rid of pests and how to keep them away. Of course, you have to think about pests as long as you have a garden.

Going deeper into the program, you get to learn about perennial plants that you can cultivate yearly. However, that is not all. Your plants are likely to be targeted by thieves especially in times of adversity.

The author teaches you how to conceal your garden hidden safely away from intruders.

In another segment, you will find information about herbs that will help you treat common ailments particularly during pandemics when accessing healthcare will be impossible.

Lastly, a video tutorial illustrates how to fence your farm so that it is inaccessible and concealed to intruders.

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The following are some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you purchase My Survival Farm program.

  • Facilitates farming in limited space
  • Comes with detailed, simple, and easy to understand and implement instructions
  • Features a 60-day money-back guarantee

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Just as will all things man-made, this guide does have its flaws albeit a few. They include:

  • You have to be willing to wait for crops to grow on the farm. Results are not instant.
  • Setting up the farm requires you to invest some money.
  • Only those with access to an internet connection can access the program.

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Along with the main guide, you get a few bonus guides at no additional fee.

Bonus #1 – SHTF Water: Water is life and you never want to be in a position where it is lacking. This guide will teach you how to purify and preserve water for future use.

Bonus #2 – Veggie Earnings: The author anticipates that you will have extra produce from your garden at some point. Instead of letting it waste away, the author teaches you in this guide how to make money out of it.

Bonus #3 – Preserving Authority: In this guide, you get to learn canning techniques to help prolong the shelf life of your harvest.

Bonus #4 – Permaculture Log and Action Design: Here, you learn how to use the sun, water, and wind for your garden’s benefit.

Bonus #5 – Family Survival Blueprint: This is for persons who do not have a survival plan. It will help with starting in the garden.

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About The Author

Dan F. Sullivan is the genius behind this guide. You may have come across some of his work on sites like Backdoor Survival because he is a celebrated survivalist blog author.

You may want to note that Dan is an active survivalist and even owns a blog for the same. For that reason, we feel that My Survivalist Farm is a credible plan for setting up your farm.

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Final Thoughts

Contrary to what most people believe, farming is not only for those who reside in the country. As you can see, you can set up your farm in your backyard irrespective of its size.

Other than that, you get access to useful information in this program like how to preserve your food, purify your water, and earn from extra produce.

We think that My Survival Farm is a handy tool for anyone who wants to stay prepared in case of a pandemic or who wants to grow their own food.

In that regard, we would recommend investing in this product.

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Recommend investing in this product.

We think that My Survival Farm is a handy tool for anyone who wants to stay prepared in case of a pandemic or who wants to grow their own food.

Features and Ease of Use
  • Facilitates farming in limited space
  • 60-day money-guarantee
  • Lots of free bonuses
  • No printed version on retail
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