Overunity Generator Review – Free Energy At Home?

It’s on a Friday evening and your family is getting ready for dinner. Suddenly it starts to rain and you can hear the raindrops tap against the windows. The lightning cracks like a whip lighting up the clouds and before you know it the lights go off for the next 12 hours destroying all the big plans you had for the evening and leaving your family vulnerable to all sorts of things. Unfortunately, that’s a story shared by thousands of American households every day. But is the entry of the Overunity Generator Guide into the limelight the change we’ve all been yearning for?


Product Name: Overunity Generator

Author/Creator: Dr. James Ross

Price: $49.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website: https://unlimitedpowergenerator.com/

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator
The Overunity Generator is an ingenious innovation by one of the greatest geniuses to have set foot on the surface of the earth. Nikol Tesla, the father of Quantum Energy, was perhaps one of the most feared and revered innovators of his time.
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The Truth about America’s Energy

For a long time, our energy sector has been dominated by a few fat cats. This club of a few mean chaps has been profiting from the national grid, particularly by selling metered power to all households.

Unfortunately, this metered power has become unreasonably expensive over time. What’s more? With the power grid aging, it’s highly vulnerable to weather changes and even EMP attacks.

Countless senate committees have conducted checks and compiled reports on the status of the American power lines and in all cases, their findings have been startling. Unfortunately, as we speak, nothing is being done – meaning the frequency of power blackouts is likely to increase over time.

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Overunity Generator – What Is It?

Looking for the cheapest way to produce electricity at home? The Overunity Generator is an ingenious innovation by one of the greatest geniuses to have set foot on the surface of the earth. Nikol Tesla, the father of Quantum Energy, was perhaps one of the most feared and revered innovators of his time.

However, quite a number of his innovations was controversial. That’s because he was one of the few scientists who decided to go against the grain and overcome the limitations that the society had been put under.

One of the controversial innovations that he came up with was one that proved many wrong on the principle of perpetual motion. By using a few cogwheels, belts, and magnets, Tesla showed that it was possible to generate infinite amounts of free energy that would benefit humanity.

This news, however, did not sit well with the Big Energy firms. As you know, they make all their income by selling metered power to households. Therefore, Tesla’s idea of energy freedom would have meant that they’d have lost lots of revenues or even closed shop.

So, the fat cats went forth and blocked this idea at its infancy. The idea was to keep it as a closely guarded secret so that millions of already over-burdened households would continue to shoulder the responsibility of paying monthly power bills forever!

Some Good News for You

Over time, researchers who chose not to give up their quest for alternative sources of energy eventually managed to unearth all the documents, drawings, and writings that had been hidden all along. Immediately realizing that they had struck gold, they went ahead and joined the dots effectively making a big find on the quest for cheap electricity.

Long story short, that’s how the Overunity Generator came into being. And today as we speak, it’s being used in over 48,000 American households.

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How It Works

At the very least, this generator can help you save 60% of your energy bills within the next 30 days. In fact, some folks are already saving as much as 70% on power bills without having to change their consumption habits. And those who have been able to scale up the system have even gone ahead to do away with their bills to an extent that they get negative bills.

How cool is that?

The secret behind this system lies in the generation of mechanical energy. This is simply done by rotating wheels and belts which eventually produce mechanical energy.

Within the system is an alternator (a tool that converts mechanical energy into electrical power). Within the alternator is where all the magic happens.

Basically, this tiny, handy accessory is designed to use a rotating magnetic field along with a stationary armature to do its job.

So, using the Overunity Generator, you’ll be able to set everything up, right from the cogwheels, belts, and onto the alternator.

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Is It Difficult To Build?

If you were to try it on your own, without any reference or step-by-step guide, you’d probably have difficulties hacking it. Luckily, if you’re reading this Overunity Generator Guide review, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. This guide has been written in the simplest language possible and comes along with all the illustrations you need to finish the project. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. More benefits include:

Cheap To Build

No two or three people study at the same pace. That’s why the traditional classroom-type lecture halls don’t work. To help you overcome such limitations, Dr. James Ross designed this study companion. It is meant to work according to your specific learning needs. It uses an easy-to-understand yet professional language. Most importantly, it is detailed and thorough making sure that you grasp all the succinct details. In other words, you’ll no longer need to worry about the all-nighters or pesky lecturers. This course gives you the power and confidence you need to excel.

Faster and Easier Learning

You don’t need thousands of dollars to get this system up and running. If anything all the materials needed for it are readily available even in local garages.

Clean Energy

This unit is friendly to the environment. It does not produce harmful emissions and neither does it pose danger to your family in any way.

No More Power Blackouts

Unlike a traditional generator, you don’t need to worry about spark plugs here. Likewise, there are no batteries involved. So, save for the routine checks that you’d need to conduct just to confirm that the system is up and running, there isn’t any other commitment required of you.


The icing on the cake is that once you have this system up and running you’ll no longer need to worry about power blackouts. No matter what, you’ll be able to meet your family’s energy demands right from your backyard.

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  • You need time to finish reading the program and buying the materials
  • The program is currently available as an online manual, no printed version
  • You have to follow all the steps for the system to work

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In addition to the main program, you also stand to benefit from a limited-time bonus titled “Nursing & Paramedics Masterclass.” This is an exclusive course that covers all the important details that go into getting started in this industry.

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About The Author

The Overunity Generator concept was initially conceived by Nikol Tesla. However, the simplified, step by step guide we’re talking about today is a product of team effort. It was made by a team of patriots who were fed up with the system and decided to identify an alternative. When they made a breakthrough, they found it wise to release the concept to the public in order to benefit as many people as possible.

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Final Thoughts

This program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you decide to invest in it today, you’d not only be securing your energy demands but also realizing the best bang for your bucks.

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The Overunity Generator is an ingenious innovation by one of the greatest geniuses to have set foot on the surface of the earth.

Features and Ease of Use
  • Cheap To Build
  • Clean Energy
  • Maintenance-Free
  • No printed version
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