R95 Reusable Face Masks Review – The Truth Exposed

Face masks have become quite popular during the current Covid-19 situation. However, as we all know, there’s no fun in wearing poorly fitting masks or ones that make it completely difficult to breathe.

Have you ever found yourself having to remove your mask in public because it was too tight? Or maybe you always have to deal with the frustration of getting your glasses fogged whenever you exhale.

Those issues are too common nowadays but the good news is that the Self Reliance Association has developed a mask like no other. It’s simply known as the R95 reusable face mask and is taking America by storm.

But is it really worth the hype? And just how different is it from other types of masks available out there currently? Here’s our unbiased review.


Product Name: R95 Reusable Face Masks

Author/Creator: The Self-Reliance Association

Price: $59.94

Money Back Guarantee: 364 Days

Official Website: https://go.patriotprotector.org/

R95 Reusable Face Masks
R95 Reusable Face Masks
This is a unique face mask that’s made from a breathable material for absolute comfort and it comes with a disposable 95% air filter.
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The R95 Reusable Face Masks Review – What it is?

First off, this is a unique face mask that’s made from a breathable material for absolute comfort. And just in case you’re wondering whether it can protect you from viruses and other micro-organisms, it comes with a disposable 95% air filter.

This is the exact same filter available in N95 masks. Only that in this case, it is housed within a more user-friendly arrangement designed for everyday use.

There are several reasons why we became curious when we came across this product:

  • It provides a good, customizable fit quality around your chin, cheeks, and nose
  • The mask and its filter are reusable and definitely washable
  • It comes fully loaded with an exhalation valve for enhanced breathing
  • You can easily customize yours with pins and even stickers

Different R95 face masks reviews so far commend the manufacturer of this product for making something safe yet easy to breathe in. Plus, there are those who have fallen in love with the breathable fabric of the mesh as it’s easy on their cheeks.

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Key Features of this Mask

There are several outstanding aspects of the reusable R95 mask. These include:


Its surface, apart from the filter, is all entirely made from a stretchy and breathable material. Plus, it comes with an exhalation valve that closes when inhaling and opens when you’re exhaling.

Good Fit Quality

Ask any health expert out there and they’ll tell you that the fit quality of a mask can significantly affect its protective abilities. Fortunately, this particular mask is designed to provide an airtight seal around your nose, cheeks, and chin. Its ear loops are adjustable for a custom fit.

Adjustable Nose Piece

As you know, this is an extremely important part of any face mask. And indeed, the good guys from the Self-Reliance Association have provided this handy feature. The piece bends easily for a comfortable, snug fit.

Velcro Face Mask

One of the most common complaints we hear of is that most commercially available face masks are difficult to wear. Fortunately, with Velcro tabs, you can get a perfect, custom fit every single time. And that’s precisely what you get here.

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Benefits of These Reusable Masks

So, why should you order for these masks and not just any other brand out there? First off, you’ve got to appreciate the fact that these masks are specifically made for preppers by preppers.

We all know how essential items like face masks easily run out of supply when they’re needed most. The good news is that the R95 is quite practical.

Plus, your first order will be backed by a 364-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that you either get good value for your money or your money back – it’s that simple. And besides that, there are many other benefits worth looking forward to.

Designed for Active Lifestyle

What if you want to go to the gym or take a morning run? Most commercially available masks won’t allow you to do that comfortably due to limited breathability. Fortunately, this one is keenly designed to make exhalation easy and inhalation safer.

No Pressure Around the Ears

We all can relate to this! Good fitting masks typically pile too much pressure around the ears leaving you quite uncomfortable. As we have mentioned, this mask comes with a well-made Velcro strap. The straps come in handy in relieving pressure from the ear bands while also guaranteeing you of a secure fit.

Free Masks

Yup, you read that right. For every purchase of the R95 reusable face masks, you get something for free. If you buy 3 masks, you get 2 free complete with a set of 5 reusable 95% filters.

And even if you decide to purchase just one mask, you’ll free shipping. Plus, of course, each purchase, no matter how big or small, is backed by a 1-year iron-clad guarantee.


  • Contains a 95% disposable filter
  • Comfortable enough for an active lifestyle
  • The product ships fast from inside of USA
  • Fits nicely with zero slippage
  • Has a stretchy, breathable fabric
  • Ideal for everyone including survivalists and preppers


  • Not currently available in the mainstream stores, only on the official website
  • The disposable filters require to be replaced from time to time based on usage
  • Not clear if the vendor can ship them to buyers located outside the US

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About The Manufacturer

The Self-Reliance Association is the team behind the R95 reusable masks. They’re based within the US (Salt Lake City, Utah) and have the mantra of “Freedom, Security, and Empowerment.” They’re a go-to source for anyone looking for survivalist stuff, gardening, and even food production ideas. Generally, if you’re looking for information on how to live independently or off-the-grid, these are nice guys to work with.

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Final Thoughts

This mask is well stitched and professionally designed. It is safe to use at home, office, or even outdoors. Plus, the quality of the fabric used to make it is quite high meaning you can get long-term benefits from the face masks.

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This is a unique face mask that’s made from a breathable material for absolute comfort and it comes with a disposable 95% air filter.

Features and Ease of Use
  • Contains a 95% disposable filter
  • 364-day money-guarantee
  • Has a stretchy, breathable fabric
  • Not available in the mainstream stores
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