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Savage Affiliates 2.0 Review – Franklin Hatchett Affiliate Course

For those who don’t know about affiliate marketing, basically it’s a process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products, every time someone purchase from the referral link, they get the commission. Commission can only be paid every time sale is driven to the product. How much the commission is depending on the offer, sometime it’s were up to 100%.

In this article, I’ll review Franklin Hatchett affiliate marketing course focusing mainly on how to make money as affiliate marketer. Please follow thru until in the end of this article as i’m gonna give you my level of best to review this course.

Update - 2020.04.05
Product Name: Savage Affiliate 2.0

Author: Franklin Hatchett

Price: $197.00 (Standard), $297.00 (Super)

Pricing Model: One time off

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

Official Website: https://savageaffiliates.com/

Table of Contents

What is Savage Affiliates?

Savage affiliate is one of the best make money online course out there using affiliate marketing created by Franklin Hatchett who is 7 figure super affiliate marketer from New Zealand.

Franklin also one of the online marketer that honored into the Two Comma Club by Clickfunnels. There are over 100,000+ active ClickFunnels users. Only 737 of them have earned a ‘Two Comma Club’ award! He is also featured as one of the top Affiliate Experts in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine. In other words, he is a millionaire!

The idea of making money online is so appealing when someone can do it while still on job, allowing peoples to get passive income, have their freedom to travel all over the world with laptop working online, that’s everyone’s dreams right? Affiliate marketing is an art of making money online, you can learn a lot throughout this course.

Affiliate marketing proves as one of the easiest way to make money online with not much cost involve if you’re using free organic traffic like Search Engine, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and numerous other free traffic. Paid traffic technique will also be covered that primarily explain on Google and Facebook ads, you’ll find it on Module no 9 in this course.

This course will enclose topics related to how to make money online throughout affiliate marketing. There are variety of method promoting product/services in this course, we can learn tons of technique teaches from this course and apply it to start making money online. Without a doubt, this is a superb course.

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Who is Franklin Hatchett?

He is the author of Savage Affiliate course, eCom Elites course and a Shopify theme called eCom Turbo that helps stores boost sales. As most of you might often saw him on YouTube for make money online stuff like affiliates, blogging, ecommerce, ClickBank, Shopify, dropship etc.

His YouTube channel where he created 8 years ago currently have 290K subscribers with over 280+ videos published at this time I’m writing this review course.


He also having a resources blog named Online Dimes contain tutorials that help peoples start an online business. Additionally, he also has 22K Instagram followers and 70K group members. He claimed to run multiple online business that generated over 7 figures. You can read more about Franklin Hathett here.


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Did Franklin Hatchett Scam?

Based on Franklin’s reputation and his online presence on the internet as super affiliate marketer that have earned a ‘Two Comma Club’ award, it is pretty safe to say that he is reliable and legit. Additionally, from the wide-scale module consist with more than 100+ videos series coupled with high quality jam packed training program in savage affiliates course, without a doubt this is far from a scam.


In fact, comparable to similar make money online course consist with the variety of kits, tools, technique, tactic and strategies normally are charges costlier more than $1,000, fortunately this course only starts at $197 ($1.97/video), this will ensure that you’re not burning a hole in your pocket and allowing you to learn so much from this course.

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What Include in Savage Affiliate Program?

This course consists of 10 modules as below with over 100+ video series which was a step by step blueprint that will help you start and build profitable online business. Starting from the foundation of Affiliate Marketing, this course will teach you about the niche and product in the beginning. By end of the course, you will learn specifically about launch jacking which was the affiliate method blueprint on how to get into one of the best approach to work on affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing Introduction – 7 videos

  1. How This All Works
  2. Looking at Results
  3. How We Get Free traffic
  4. How We Use Paid Traffic
  5. How We Use SEO Google Traffic
  6. (WATCH) Important Steps
  7. How to Navigate & Follow The Course & Funnels

Module 1 (Affiliate product to promote) – 9 videos

  1. Welcome video
  2. Getting started
  3. Looking at Niches to Use (note: must watch)
  4. Find Affiliate Offers (note: must watch)
  5. Finding New Products
  6. Using affiliate offers #1
  7. Using eCommerce affiliate offers
  8. Using affiliate offers #2
  9. Using affiliate offers #3
  10. Using affiliate offers #4
  11. Using affiliate offers #5
  12. Using affiliate offers #6

In this module you’ll learn about the basic foundation of affiliate marketing. Includes also on the video series is what niche and affiliate network should you promote. For those who are experience with online marketing, there are thousands of niches you can port in.

However, can you find out which of those niches that will get you high converting Affiliate commissions and make most of the money? Fortunately, you can find out in this module. Choosing the right niches is crucial whether you can make substantial, little or no money online at all. It’s the starting point on the right path to success.

Furthermore, choosing the right niche will indicate whether you can make passive income or not, this is due to some product on specific niche offer recurring commission, most of them are not. The best part, you can find in this module also! It’s no doubt impressive how Franklin reveals the most profitable niches to promote online, while you can save your time find it inside this course or you can spend month or years researching for it.

In my opinion, this are one of the gold nugget on this course. From there, the next thing you need to know is how to find affiliate offer for you to promote that niches. There are plenty of affiliate network out there, but which of those affiliate network is recommended for you to promote.

Module 2 (Building Your Website Asset) – 17 videos

  1. Website Introduction
  2. Choosing Website Domain Name
  3. Starting The Website
  4. Inside Website Overview
  5. Delete These Plugins Before Moving On
  6. Install This Plugin to Make Things Easier
  7. Website Plugins You Should Use
  8. Installing Your Website Theme
  9. Addling Articles to Website
  10. Create Categories to Organize
  11. Creating Website Menus
  12. Creating Legal Pages
  13. Creating an About Page
  14. Understanding Widgets
  15. Collecting Emails On Your Website Part 1
  16. Collecting Emails On Your Website Part 2
  17. Changing Website User Name

This module will be focusing on how to create a website. As most of us know, website is indispensable part of internet marketing. Yes, you can skip this step, promoting an offer without any website. You can still make money online, there are numerous of way make money online without using any website, but in my opinion, it’s not advisable. Put it simple, creating a website mean creating your own online asset on the internet, It’s an investment! which will benefit you in the future. Learn how to build a website looks simple but yet majority of people did not know how to do it properly.

Module 3 (Email Marketing & Funnels) – 13 videos

  1. Email Marketing Intro
  2. Best Email Software to Use (Overview)
  3. Add Email to Email software
  4. How to Create Your Email List?
  5. How to Create a Simple Newsletter?
  6. Create Your Automation Workflow (note: must watch)
  7. Funnel Intro
  8. Funnel Software Overview
  9. Connect Email auto responder to Funnel Software
  10. Create A Form to Collect Emails
  11. Create A Thank You Page
  12. Install Pixels On Your Pages
  13. Extra Funnel Software Overview

Back in 5 years ago when I’m starting-off with online business, I’m always heard one of the most important proverbs of online business: “The Money is in the List” and undoubtedly that is exactly true. If you don’t know about email marketing, it’s essentially a direct marketing using email by targeting custom group of people with the goal of driving sales, increasing customer loyalty, or communicating important information. In a simple word, it’s actually sending email to specific buyers automatically.

In this module, prepare yourself to learn about basic concept of email marketing and how to setup it correctly to build your own list of profitable customers that you can form it as an asset, more importantly it’s proven to make good amount of money. The strategy behind the email marketing fundamental is the beauty of how it’s works automatically without having to touch it again after setup has been done in the first stage creating it.

What you’ll learn from this module:

  • How to make money online from email marketing?
  • Basic concept of email marketing & how you can benefit from it
  • How to correctly setup profitable email marketing campaign
  • What simple yet not complicated email software that recommended to use
  • Common mistake that obstruct marketers to make money from the email list
  • How to setup automated affiliate funnel that make money for years

Moreover, Franklin will teach you step by step throughout practicality, A-Z over his shoulder on how to start collecting email list using email automation software that he currently works with which in his opinion is the best email software to use and recommend others to start working on it also.

This course will show off two important features of this email automation software i.e. email marketing and automation and how to setup to use it correctly from the beginning of creating an account, using the funnel then up until the end of the process of installation.

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Module 4 (ClickBank Affiliate Marketing) – 31 videos

  1. ClickBank Introduction
  2. What We Will Cover in This Module
  3. Starting a ClickBank Account
  4. ClickBank Marketplace Overview
  5. Understanding ClickBank Stats (note: must watch)
  6. (Product Example 1)
  7. (Product Example 2)
  8. (Product Example 3)
  9. (Product Example 4)
  10. Examples of What We Create
  11. Find a Keyword Tool Before Starting (note: must watch)
  12. Getting Started with ClickBank Method 1 (SEO)
  13. Finding Keywords to Write Content About (SEO) (note: must watch)
  14. Where to Get Free Article Ideas (SEO)
  15. Finding Keywords from Competitors (SEO)
  16. Where to get Articles Writers (SEO)
  17. Creating Your Review Article (SEO) (note: must watch)
  18. Creating Your How to Article (SEO) (note: must watch)
  19. Understanding 1 vs 1 Articles (SEO)
  20. Mid Module Update
  21. Setting Up Bridge Page to Get Commissions (Paid Ads)
  22. Running A Google Search Ad (Paid Ads)
  23. Building a Simple Funnel (Part 1)
  24. Building a Simple Funnel (Part 2)
  25. Building a Simple Funnel (Part 3)
  26. Facebooks Ads & ClickBank (Part 1)
  27. Facebooks Ads & ClickBank (Part 2)
  28. Facebooks Ads & ClickBank (Part 3)
  29. Facebooks Ads & ClickBank (Part 4)
  30. Facebooks Ads & ClickBank (Part 5)
  31. Facebooks Ads & ClickBank (Part 6)

What I can say from is this module? It’s no doubt impressive! based on the total list of videos included which was one of the longest in this course and ultimately how this module can help you make money online from ClickBank.

For those who don’t know about ClickBank is well-known affiliate marketing marketplace program in the world that was founded in 1998 and has over 1.5 million affiliate marketers registered to them.

There are so much to learn on this complete module, start-off from the introduction about ClickBank, creating an account, using SEO method up till paid ads method using Google and Facebook Ads to promote ClickBank product.


What you’ll learn from this module:

  • How to choose profitable product to promote on ClickBank
  • How to get free promotion resources for free
  • What are the best niches on ClickBank you should pick
  • What are the 3 important criteria to look on ClickBank
  • What are the recommended make money online to promote on ClickBank
  • What are the recommended fitness product to promote on ClickBank
  • What are the recommended arts & ent. product to promote on ClickBank
  • What are the recommended health product to promote on ClickBank
  • What are the recommended Sports product to promote on ClickBank
  • What are the most converting traffic to promote Clickbank Product
  • How to choose product that suitable to promote via SEO
  • How to promote product using SEO method, step by step
  • What recommended keyword search tools to use for beginners
  • What are the great keywords to target that no one else is targeting for it (secret)
  • How to structure and optimize keywords into the article
  • How to get keywords ideas from free and paid tools
  • What are the best type of articles you should do to promote Clickbank Product
  • Learn about the basic fundamental of the funnel for paid ads
  • Learn about the do & don’t for Facebook ads

Module 5 (ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing) – 28 videos

  1. ClickFunnels Affiliate Marketing Intro
  2. ClickFunnels Backend Overview
  3. (Case Study) Commissions with Share Funnels
  4. (Case Study) Commissions with Blogs (note: must watch)
  5. Getting Paid by ClickFunnels
  6. Understanding The Sticky Cookie
  7. How Much Can You Make from This
  8. Understanding Affiliate Commission Tracking
  9. Understanding A Bonus Stack
  10. My Secret to Getting ClickFunnels Trials (note: must watch)
  11. (Case Study) $80,000+ In ClickFunnels Commissions
  12. Introduction to My Full Affiliate Funnel
  14. Setting Up My Affiliate Funnel
  15. Beginner Method How to Promote the Funnel
  16. 6 Using Solo for My Funnel Traffic
  17. Intermediate Method How to Promote the Funnel
  18. Google Ads Creating a Google Search Ad
  19. Facebook Ads Understanding Facebooks Ads
  20. Advanced Method How to Promote the Funnel
  21. YouTube Ads Part 1 YouTube Ads Introduction
  22. YouTube Ads Part 2 Creating an in stream Video Ad
  23. YouTube Ads Part 3 Create a YouTube Search Ad
  24. YouTube Ads Part 4 Using YouTube Custom Placements
  25. YouTube Ads Part 5 What Keywords I Go For
  26. Student Case Study (Part 1) Made $19,000
  27. Student Case Study (Part 2)
  28. Student Case Study (Part 3)

Inside this module you’ll learn tons of gold nuggets explain how to make money online by promoting ClickFunnels.


What you’ll learn from this module:

  • Learn how to get recurring income by promoting ClickFunnels
  • Discover various of affiliate product on ClickFunnel that you can promote
  • What the best product on ClickFunnels to promote
  • How to promote ClickFunnels using free traffic using SEO (secret)
  • How much money you can get by promoting ClickFunnels products

Module 6 (Amazon Affiliate Marketing) – 15 videos

  1. Amazon Affiliate Introduction
  2. Sign Up to Amazon Associates
  3. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website Examples
  4. Understanding Buyer Intent Keywords (note: must watch)
  5. The Power of the Word FOR (note: must watch)
  6. Your Ideal Amazon Products to Promote
  7. Niche Site Vs Authority Site (note: must watch)
  8. Your Amazon Website Structure
  9. Basic Way to Find a Niche
  10. Simple Way to Find New Products
  11. How You Could Use Low Priced Products for Traffic
  12. More Product Ideas & Model What Already Works
  13. Bonus Amazon Product Example 1
  14. Bonus Amazon Product Example 2
  15. Bonus Amazon Product Example 3

Amazon was the biggest eCommerce website in the world founded by Jeff Bezos which is the top riches people in the world. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Other than Amazon, there are few other gigantic eCommerce company such as EBay, founded by Pierre Omidyar and Ali Express, founded by Jack Ma. In this training video, you’ll be expose to one sort of make money online using eCommerce affiliate specifically by promoting Amazon product.

The approach is simple, when website owners and bloggers advertise products from Amazon.com on their sites by creating links and customers click the links to buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees. There are variant of commission percentage offered depending on the categories of product on Amazon. Inside this module, you’re able to pick up plenty of useful nuggets of information to help you succeed with your Amazon affiliate business.

Savage Affiliates will show you few example of real website that rank higher on Google and tell you the reason why it’s ranked so that you can replicate the same technique to your website too.

What you’ll learn on this module:

  • Tips and tricks on how to promote Amazon product
  • How to sign up to Amazon, step by step
  • Find out the perfect Amazon affiliate website example for you as a guide
  • How to force Google to rank your Amazon affiliate website (secret)
  • Discover the secret of buyer intent keywords that you should focus into
  • Find out the magical word that can give you so much keyword idea
  • What is the important criteria to promote Amazon product
  • Understand more on niche and authority site, which one recommended
  • How to make Amazon like your affiliate website
  • How to do proper website structure on your Amazon affiliate website
  • How to get keywords idea on product to promote inside Amazon
  • How to use low price product to get more commission
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Module 7 (SEO Google Traffic Training) – 19 videos

  1. Google Traffic Introduction
  2. How to Track Your Keywords
  3. Website Speed Do This Before Starting (note: must watch)
  4. Content Relevance Ranking Method
  5. How to Do On-Page SEO (Part 1)
  6. How to Do On-Page SEO (Part 2)
  7. On-Page SEO (Part 3)
  8. On-Page SEO (Part 4)
  9. Backlinks Stage 1 Introduction
  10. Backlinks Stage 1 (Part 1)
  11. Backlinks Stage 1 (Part 2)
  12. Backlinks Stage 1 (Part 3)
  13. Backlinks Stage 2 Introduction
  14. Backlinks Stage 2 (Part 1)
  15. Backlinks Stage 2 (Part 2)
  16. Backlinks Stage 3 Introduction
  17. Backlinks Stage 3 (Part 1)
  18. Backlinks Stage 3 (Part 2)
  19. Understanding Anchor Text

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is my passion since I’m jump in into online marketing long time ago, it always gives me enthusiasm to explore more about this marketing method to get traffic. In this module, there are abundance of know-how “golden nugget” technique, tactic and strategies about SEO that you can benefit from it and apply it for your promotion to make money online. The best part of organic traffic is that it’s proven to best the best high converting traffic ever compared to another source marketing channel of traffic like paid traffic, social traffic etc.

Begin with the introduction of google traffic, this will give you better understanding of how google works. At the end of this module, Savage Affiliate will teach you how to build backlinks with multiple tactics that will be break into 3 section from week to strong backlinks through stage 1, 2 and 3. Other interesting topic contain also in this module is how to use web 2.0 for backlinks purposed. You can either do it yourself or get someone to build it for you.

What you’ll learn on this module:

  • What is the major factors to rank high on Google (secret)
  • What SEO tools to use for tracking your website keywords
  • How to make your website faster with a simple performance setting
  • What is the #1 factor that slow down your website and how to fix it rapidly
  • Learn the basic yet critical ranking factor about the content on your website
  • How to force Google to rank your website (secret)
  • Understand more about on page and off page SEO
  • What keyword variation website you should know and benefit it
  • Find out recommended page optimization tools
  • How to get free powerful backlinks
  • How to get easy, mid-range and high tear backlinks with an easy technique

Module 8 (Free Traffic Training) – 18 videos

  1. Free Traffic Introduction
  2. YouTube Traffic (Part 1) The Second Best Search Engine
  3. YouTube Traffic (Part 2) What Is Your Goal
  4. YouTube Traffic (Part 3) How to Create Videos
  5. YouTube Traffic (Part 4) How to Get Videos Without Making Them
  6. YouTube Traffic (Part 5) Understanding The Traffic Sources
  7. YouTube Traffic (Part 6) General Video Ranking Factors
  8. YouTube Traffic (Part 7) Installing Video Ranking Software
  9. YouTube Traffic (Part 8) What Keywords to Target (note: must watch)
  10. YouTube Traffic (Part 9) Think Outside the Box Keywords
  11. YouTube Traffic (Part 10) Compress Video Before Uploading
  12. YouTube Traffic (Part 11) Upload & Optimize Video
  13. YouTube Traffic (Part 12) How to Get Suggested Views
  14. YouTube Traffic (Part 13) Placing Your Affiliate Link
  15. Forum Traffic (Part 1) Growth Hacking
  16. Forum Traffic (Part 2) How I Get Forum Traffic
  17. Quora Beginner Place for Free Traffic
  18. Instagram Traffic Using Viral Traffic for Commissions

Free traffic is one of the most important (yet often overlooked) to acquire traffic to your site. Even though the process to get free traffic is expected to take some time, however if it’s done correctly the amount of high converting traffic that can be generate from free traffic is absolutely insane. This module will be focusing on how to get free traffic from YouTube (13 different video are dedicated for this) which was the second best search engine after Google.

Inside this module also, it will show you how to get free traffic from Forum, Quora and Instagram. Those three source of free traffic is also recommended in this module to obtain decent amount of traffic to your site.

What you’ll be learn on this module:

  • Learn about the value of free traffic that often undervalue
  • How to get free traffic properly from Forum
  • How to get free traffic properly from YouTube
  • Discover the secret on how to get traffic of YouTube (secret)
  • What is the best video creator tools for you to start
  • What you should focus on when creating a YouTube videos
  • What is the 4 source of traffic you can get from YouTube
  • Find out the secret of 4 actual YouTube ranking factors (secret)
  • What is the 7 advance ranking factors on YouTube you should focus on
  • How you can get keywords idea for your YouTube videos
  • Find out the real Secret of the best keywords to target on YouTube (secret)
  • How to compress video using free tools to load your videos faster on YouTube
  • What is the most important things you should tell YouTube on your videos
  • How to optimize your videos to get high traffic on YouTube
  • How to get extremely great traffic from Quora
  • How to get the decent amount of traffic using Instagram the right way

Module 9 (Paid Traffic Training) – 19 videos

  1. Paid Traffic Introduction
  2. Who Is Your Ideal Buyer?
  3. Facebook Ads (Part 1) Overview
  4. Facebook Ads (Part 2) Create Page for Ads
  5. Facebook Ads (Part 3) Installing Tracking Pixel
  6. Facebook Ads (Part 4) Understand Campaign Types (note: must watch)
  7. Facebook Ads (Part 5) Creating Your Ads
  8. Facebook Ads (Part 6) Understanding Campaign Budget Optimization
  9. Facebook Ads (Part 7) Understanding The Ad Data
  10. Facebook Ads (Part 8) Creating Custom Audience
  11. Google Ads (Part 1) Overview
  12. Google Ads (Part 2) Installing Google Pixel
  13. Google Ads (Part 3) Understanding Campaign Types
  14. Google Ads (Part 4) Creating a Search Ad (note: must watch)
  15. Google Ads (Part 5) How to Create a YouTube Ad
  16. Google Ads (Part 6) Custom YouTube Placements
  17. Google Ads (Part 7) Creating Audiences
  18. Google Ads (Part 8) Understanding The Ad Data
  19. Google Ads (Part 9) Optimizing & Scaling

Paid is known to be the tools of trade to achieve greater income for those that skillful to use it. As some of you might be aware, many of the online expert expanded their income up till 5,6,7 figures throughout paid ads as their way to make big buck of money online.

However, you’re required to gain as much of learning before you can start off with paid ads and achieve your goal to be one of successful online marketer, else you’ll end up burning a hole in your pocket because of lack of knowledge on it. In this savage affiliate training, it will focus on two most leading paid ads platform that is Google and Facebook ads cater by 8 videos for Facebook ads and 9 videos for Google ads.

What you’ll be learn on this module:

  • Find out the funnel that works extremely well on Facebook (secret)
  • What is the only three places to focus on Facebook ads
  • The important of Facebook pixel and how to create it step by step
  • Which of the campaign type you should use
  • How to setup your Facebook ads correctly (step by step)
  • Learn how the budget optimization works on Facebook
  • What is the only three places to focus on Google ads
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Module 10 (Get My Funnels)

This is basically bonuses you’ll get inside this savage affiliate course that will rest assured that you are able to straight away perform the affiliate marketing promotion after finishing this training by using Franklin’s funnels. It’s more or less hassle free when you’re not required to do it yourself, just plug in the ClickFunnels template and you’re now ready to go. However, before you can use the template, you must first subscribe to ClickFunnels. Fret not, ClickFunnels are available with 14 days free trial.

Module 10 (Launch Jacking Affiliate) – 7 videos

  1. Launch Jacking Introduction
  2. Launch Jacking (Part 1) How It works
  3. Launch Jacking (Part 2) Two Important Questions (note: must watch)
  4. Launch Jacking (Part 3) Putting Article On Site
  5. Launch Jacking (Part 4) Force Your Article to Show in Google (secret)
  6. Launch Jacking (Part 5) Finding Bonuses for Your Stack
  7. Launch Jacking (Part 6) Using YouTube Traffic

Module 10 (Web Hosting Affiliate) – 6 videos

  1. Web Hosting Offers Introduction
  2. Web Hosting (Part 1) Find Your BlueHost Link
  3. Web Hosting (Part 2) How I Get Commissions
  4. Web Hosting (Part 3) Beginner Method
  5. Web Hosting (Part 4) Advanced Method (secret)
  6. Web Hosting (Part 5) Pinterest Traffic

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Savage Affiliates Alternative

In the case of alternatives, there are many of great make money online courses out there from various internet marketing mentor. The list will never run out, yet this is my 10 best courses with great quality of learning;

Recommended Alternative

  1. The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker. Learn How To Grow Your Own Authority Site With Our Practical Advice & Live Case Studies! Training Courses. Tools Testing. Blog & Podcast.
  2. Niche Pursuit Insider by Spencer Haws. Grow a Profitable Affiliate Website with Long Tail Keywords That Ranks in Google. Learn from people with experience, and build a successful online business.
  3. Project 24 by Income School. A complete program helping peoples earn a full-time income online in 24 months.
  4. RankXL Niche Site Course 4.0 by Chris Lee. 7 lesson course that has helped 11,752+ marketers learn how to build high-traffic, high-income blogs. I’ts designed to give a start-to-finish playbook for building high traffic blogs using SEO.
  5. Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani. The Super Affiliate System is a 6 week program with the sole goal of creating an affiliate marketing business and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible.
  6. Inner Circle Masterclass by Sean Bagheri. It’s a 4 Proven Steps to Earn a 7-Figure Side-Income Online without prior sales or technical experience.
  7. ClickBank University 2.0 by Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz. This course created because there was no single reputable source for the latest in how to launch a ClickBank-based business.
  8. Grow Your Blog Fast by Brian Dean. Brian will show you how to drive targeted traffic to your blog, convert that traffic into email subscribers, and sell products to your new audience in 6 weeks.
  9. The Blueprint Training by Ryan Stewart. This course helped thousands of marketers improve the quality of their SEO service through process, automation and knowledge.
  10. The ClickMinded SEO Course by Tommy Griffith. SEO training to 10x your traffic from Google. ClickMinded is where 8,702 startups, agencies, entrepreneurs and students learn SEO.

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Franklin Hatchett Savage Affiliates Verdict

It’s no doubt impressive! ?

This is an epic course that worth the money, in between of that you’re able to get massive value from this course to help you learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to make money online from it. If you’re a complete beginner who want to get started building your business with the standard training for $197, you’re only invest your money for $0.90/video.

Or otherwise, you’re an intermediate affiliate marketer that wanted to know how the other marketer are doing, the super training program which consist around 189 videos above are only $0.60/video. Aside from that you’ll also receive done for you affiliate marketing funnel complete with multiple pre made funnels for you to straight away start your online business.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, although you’re provided with extensive training that cater with multiple way to make money online in this course, do not get overwhelming. I would suggest for you to run down all the training and then choose one module that you’re interested either to start with SEO, paid ads, YouTube, Amazon etc. Please don’t just play out all at once, you’ll end up with nothing. So now it’s your turn, get started today by clicking the button below!


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9.5 Total Score
It's no doubt impressive!

Just $0.60/video with a total of 189 videos + free pre made funnels is insane. It's like a bargain with great value.

Ease of Use
  • Inexpensive ($0.60/video)
  • High quality course
  • Regular update
  • 189+ videos
  • Created by Super Affiliate
  • A step by step guide
  • Very useful training
  • Might overwhelming
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