Spec Ops Shooting Review – How This Guide Works

It’s one thing to own a gun but another one altogether to know how to use it. You see, even the best gun in the world would be virtually useless in self-defense if you don’t know how to use it. This is where Brian Morris’ Spec Ops Shooting program comes in. The simple guide trains you on how you can turn gun use into a natural reflex. Most importantly, it shows you exactly what you need to do to face an active shooter, terrorist or gunman.

Spec Ops Shooting Review

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to use your gun chances you have an idea how tough thing can get. Even if you have been trained on shooting accuracy, the mental pressure and stress of being involved in an attack can easily cause you to lose accuracy. So, Spec Ops Shooting is primarily designed to help you exert control by taking prompt defense actions.

Sounds like a mouthful? Well, the goal of this Spec Ops Shooting review is to help you understand how this entire system works (and whether it actually works or not).

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How It Works

In order to understand how this Green Beret’s guide is all about, let’s take a closer look at what you will find inside the package.

Israeli Army Techniques

Brian is very keen to introduce you to the Israeli army marksmanship technique. This is a signature technique that has made the Israel Special Forces among the swiftest in the globe. And using their special skills, you’ll be in a position to target a coin from 50 yards out. What’s more? Brian will show you what you can do so you can make this skill a part of your daily self-defense life.

Snipper Tactic

The next important part of this program comprises some closely guarded secrets used by professional snipers. You’ll need these skills to achieve what is known as laser-like accuracy. Best of all, this section is broken down into a step by step guide that’s easy to master. In fact, Brian claims that the moment you complete this part of the training, you’ll feel like you’ve known this all along only that you’ve failed to take advantage of it so far.

Bosnia Rule of the Thumb

This is yet another one of the unbelievably easy to master, life-saving tactics that help you to keep your mind clear. So, indeed, if you’re able to be a part of this course, you’ll be able to know how to avoid finding yourself in the panic-mode. The trainer introduces you to the exact technique his team used to make key breakthroughs in Bosnia during a past combat tour.

Flawless Accuracy Guide

Most shooting courses only show you how to shoot accuracy when standing still and aiming. However, most real-life self-defense situations call for more than just that. Indeed, it’s very difficult to keep a flawless level of accuracy when shooting in motion. In that case, this course gives you a simple training drill that apparently most trainers consider to be a waste of time.

Body Reflex Movements

What is the attacker catches you by surprise? Within this program are techniques meant to help you handle even the worst-case scenario of an active shooter situation. Indeed, through this program, you’ll learn everything there is about the best way to conduct yourself even if you get caught a second or two behind the criminal. And above all, you don’t want the police to mistake you for the shooter and, therefore, this course shows you exactly how to conduct yourself so you don’t end up looking like the bad guy.

The Korean Both Lamps Op Doctrine

This is a ridiculously simple technique that’s meant to stop any attacker dead on their tracks. Indeed, it’s meant to thwart any potential mass casualty situation even if the odds seem against you. And the best part is that this program seems to work in the blink of an eye.

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Benefits of This Course

This online shooting program is no doubt a pretty well-thought-out one. But how exactly does it benefit you as opposed to any other training program out there?


If you were to get trained by someone of Brian’s caliber, you would need to cough out well over $4,000. In fact, even a standard NRA instructor course will cost you more than $200 per day. Yet you won’t have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and adjust the training to suit your schedule. On the contrary, Spec Ops goes for a paltry $39 and that’s because it’s entirely online-based and self-guided.

Easy To Follow

You don’t need to have any background training in shooting to benefit from this program. The course covers quite a bit of the basic stuff and it can come in handy in helping you learn the ropes. Most importantly, it contains multiple strategies that you can employ to become a better shooter especially if your previous training was kind of mediocre.

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This program is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee and in addition, provides you with access to 3 bonus programs valued at $84 in total. These are given to you as free gifts and include:

Green Beret Home Defense

This gift contains the tips exclusively used by the Green Berets to make their homes impenetrable to criminals, thieves, and looters.

Front Line First Aid

This is the course you can bank on in case an attacker fights back and wounds you or your colleague. It contains important, life-saving information.

The DIY Gunsmith’s Handbook

As you know, guns don’t come cheap and, therefore, some of these DIY skills can help you maintain your current gun for long. That’s because poorly maintained guns can fail to work in the long-run and only regular maintenance can keep fully ready for the battle ahead.

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(1) Its only available as an online training manual
(2) You need the internet to access and download it
(3) Requires total commitment and concentration to finish

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About The Author

Brian Morris is a trained and decorated Green Beret. He prides himself in being able to offer award-winning training to all.

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7.5 Total Score
Great value

In our opinion, Spec Ops Shooting is a one-of-a-kind program that teaches you how to push your defense tactics to a whole new level. We feel that paying $39 for a 4-in-one shooting course is a great bargain.

  • Affordable
  • Easy To Follow
  • Only available online
  • Need the internet to access it
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