Survival MD Course Review – Is It Worth Buying? Our Genuine Thoughts

Good health is probably the most precious thing in the whole world. Unfortunately, if you’re like most Americans chances are that your idea of good health practices is to visit the doctor whenever you have a cough. But what would you do if that’s all gone? The Survival MD program is a course meant to provide you with the essential medical care knowledge you need to keep your family and indeed, everyone you love, safe. Let us take a closer look at what it contains, how it works and if it’s worth the investment or not.


Product Name: Survival MD

Author/Creator: Robert Grey

Price: $37.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website:

The Bulletproof Home
The Bulletproof Home
The Survival MD program is a course meant to provide you with the essential medical care knowledge you need to keep your family and indeed, everyone you love, safe.
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The Survival MD Program Review – An Overview

In the developed world, such as right here in the US, we’re used to having what’s perceived as the best health care system possible. However, the events that happened right after the Hurricane Katrina struck proved otherwise.

The much-hyped system isn’t as perfect as they might want you to believe. Indeed, the truth of the matter is that a majority of those who lost their lives following this infamous hurricane did so because of the ills of our medical care. Doctors and nurses were blamed for not being able to put in place measures to prevent the spread of simple infections.

You see, our doctors have grown up at a time when the country didn’t face the scourge of life-threatening infections. And because a lot of emphases is being placed on technology, not many understand how to deal with infections that arise during crises.

But what if you could learn from the experiences of doctors who have worked in the first world? You see, the stuff we see here as crises are what doctors in some poor countries have to endure as daily life. And, therefore, they have been forced to develop some ingenious medical interventions that our doctors have no clue about.

So, the Survival MD is all about getting you up to speed with those techniques. Ultimately, the goal is to empower you so you can step in to help your family when the systems fail.

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Who Needs the Survival MD Program

This emergency medical kit is meant for everyone who would like to protect themselves and family members in the event of a medical crisis. It works for all responsible men and women no matter their age, race or level of medical expertise. In other words, this is a program set aside for laymen who want to learn more than just the stuff they teach in First Aid classes.

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What to Expect Inside This Program

There’s a lot in this program for you. So, take a seat, here are some highlights to keep in mind.

The TeCaMoLo Principle

This is a principle used by a majority of doctors in developing countries to diagnose medical conditions. Ultimately, you need to have a good diagnosis plan so you’re sure of what you’re treating. The thing with this principle is that it has never been released to the American public before and you’d be lucky to learn about it right here.

Essential Medical Supplies for your Stockpile

It’s one thing to diagnose different medical conditions but another one to be prepared to deal with them. This program shows you the exact medical supplies you need to add to your stockpile starting today. And as it turns out, you don’t need to waste your cash on expensive, branded drugs. On top of that, you’ll learn about some pretty effective meds that are also incredibly easy to administer.

The Real Medical First Aid Kit

This isn’t remotely similar to the kind of stuff they sell you in the stores nowadays. In fact, it contains some 9 life-saving items that are must-haves in your bag. So, it’s fair to say that this is a no-nonsense guide that will expose you to a lot more than they bothered to teach you in your first aid classes.

How to Ward Off 80% of Illnesses

80% of diseases that kill in the event of social crises and disasters are actually preventable. This course shows you exactly the top 5 common causes of death in a crisis. It also helps you focus on these so you can easily keep 80% of illnesses away. This way, you won’t need to memorize dozens of medical conditions some of which are absolutely unlikely to happen.

Medical Mistakes to Avoid In a Crisis

Mistakes happen but you really don’t want to make some of those in the event of a crisis as they’d only dim your chances of survival. And because Survival MD is written based on the Romanian way of life, it takes a really close at some of these mistakes. Like how can you deal with a knife stab? Or why you should never use a wet bandage or plastic bag to dress a wound. And so forth.

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Benefits of This Program

  • By having the knowledge in this program, you can remain calm even during crises
  • The training offered here is pretty straight-forward, it can be understood by anyone
  • You don’t require to have any medical skills to benefit from it
  • The guide is entirely based on research and is quite practical
  • The recommended methods in here are safe for everyone to use
  • It prepares you psychologically for any events that might befall you in times of crisis
  • The program is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee


  • It comes second to your doctor’s medical advice
  • It’s exclusively available online, not accessible offline
  • Requires commitment and dedication to completely benefit from

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In addition to accessing this handy program, by paying for this course, you’ll also enjoy access to an exclusive member’s area. This is where you can ask the expert on anything you find in this course. Plus you’ll also get a free copy of the “How To Survive Without Prescription Medicine” course.

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About The Author

This program was conceptualized and created by a gentleman simply going by the name of Rob with the assistance of a Romanian doctor, Dr. Radu Scrutu.

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Final Thoughts

Healthcare systems are among the first ones to fall in the event of attacks and social crises. So, if your current survival plan doesn’t include any information on how to diagnose and treat medical conditions, it’s time to ditch it and upgrade to this one. You can’t afford to gamble with your health, no matter what.

Verdict: Be sure to test it out now.

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Be sure to test it out now

The Survival MD program is a course meant to provide you with the essential medical care knowledge you need to keep your family and indeed, everyone you love, safe.

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