Ted’s Woodworking Review – Is Full Access To This Program Worth It?

There’s nothing as liberating as discovering your passion and earning from it. But what if your passion lies in woodwork and what’s keeping you from exploring it is lack of information? The Ted’s Woodworking Program by Ted McGrath is on a class of its own. It is home to more than 16,000 which are broken down into tiny and easy-to-follow plans. But what exactly is the truth about this hyped up program? Is it worth investing in?

An Overview

There are so many freely available woodworking plans on the internet nowadays. The problem is that a majority of them are either too complex or too advanced to follow. In fact, a good number of them are totally useless because they require you to use tools that aren’t readily available. And if you’re lucky to find ones that seem simple, you’re bound to be disappointed with the kind of metrics used.

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Is This Program Any Different?

To find out how different this program is, one would need to first understand how it came into being. Well, first Ted is a woodworker with decades of experience. He currently operates from his physical address in San Angelo, Texas. The good thing with living in such an area is that he gets to interact with numerous 19th and 20th century period woodwork projects. These give him inspiration every day.

However, the creation of this program didn’t take place overnight. Instead, Ted decided to be jotting down all new ideas he came across during his work. For several decades, he kept accumulating the ideas while noting down all the crucial details including:

*The correct measurements

*Materials needed

*Tools needed

Ultimately, it took many years of blood, sweat, and tears to complete a 16,000+ ideas manual which is currently on retail.

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What to Expect

Once you pay your lifetime access fee, you’ll no longer need to pay any other fee to access the backend. Basically, you’ll be given a unique link which you’ll use to login to your account. Once logged in, you’ll access all the woodworking plans in detail.

Of course, it would be impossible to consume all those ideas in one sitting. Fortunately, the guys behind this program have broken it down into small ZIP files. So, what you simply need to do is download a ZIP file and you’ll access the PDF documents.

Those documents contain all the details you need to use. You can even print them out and study them offline at your own pace.

Besides the PDF documents, you’ll find hundreds of expert videos. These videos have all the details you need to get stuff done. You see, the good thing with having videos is that you can actually watch the experts doing stuff and simply mimic them.

We also like the fact that this program can be accessed in both Windows and Mac devices. So as long as you have an Adobe Reader program (which is free by the way), you can always view these files. That said, some files are available in DWG software which explains why you’ll get a free bonus DWG software from Ted.

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Key Features

So, what are some of the key take-homes when you sign up for this online course? Well, while there is a lot to be learned within this guide, the following are some of the key nuggets you are likely to enjoy when you enroll for the training.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Here you get comprehensive instructions that help make it easier, faster, and fun for you to build. Since this is not a face-to-face kind of training, the author really goes out of his way to ensure that he provides you with the “hold-you-by-the-hand” kind of instructions. This way, you can enjoy the entire process even if this is your first time using a screwdriver.

It’s more or less like working alongside a master woodworker and watching what they do. They will guide you through every step of the way and ensure that you deliver professional-grade kind of results.

Cutting & Materials List

Without a comprehensive list of tools, materials, and cutting instructions, you are shooting in the dark. And if you have been trying woodworking for quite some time, chances are that you know how tricky things can become when you fail to get the basics right.

With Ted’s Woodworking, nothing is left to chance. The author stops at nothing in providing you with straightforward details along with the exact quantities and how to scale the project up.

This handy guide not only makes it easier for you to understand the best practices of woodworking but also cuts down on waste. Ultimately, it helps you save money as well plus you’ll get the opportunity to focus more effort and time in building and less time fretting.

Detailed Schematics

These are not just schematics but high quality illustrations meant to ensure that at no time will you need to resort to guesswork. The schematics are crystal clear and the level of detail in each one of them is simply outstanding. At the end of the day, this approach makes completing even the most complex of all projects a walk in the park.

With the instructions being this clear, your woodwork project literary builds itself. This way, you will be able to complete professional projects faster and, therefore, make the most of your passion.

Views from Different Angles

What if you could see how exactly a project looks like (or works) from different angles before you even build them? Well, unfortunately, none of the freely available woodworking programs out there make this provision.

You see, the problem with lacking a guideline that provides you with an all-angle view of the system is that you may end up missing the intricate details. Yes, you may still complete building the project but chances are that you won’t end up achieving the results that look as perfect as what appears in the drawings.

With Ted guiding you, though, you will not miss out on such details. That’s because his instructions and schematics break down every angle, joint, and corner making it extremely easy for you to get things done. The idea here is to make sure you’re never left scratching your head over vague details.

Beginner-Friendly Guidelines

Lastly, this course covers three skill levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to be an established woodworker for this to make sense. You only need to start with the easy-to-understand concepts – perfect on those and gradually advance to more challenging ones as your confidence grows.

Most importantly, you don’t need to attend any classes for this. As long as you can dedicate a few hours of your weekend to putting what you learn into practice, you’ll soon be able to bring those woodworking dreams you’ve been harboring all along into perspective.

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From the description given above, this might sound like a perfect system – but we tend to think that it is a bit more than perfect. Can you imagine having 16,000 professional-grade woodworking projects to toy with? This is a first! And that’s just but a small portion in a long list of benefits of the Ted’s Woodworking online course.

No Skill Requirements

Whether you’re an advanced woodworker or a beginner, this guide will give you good value for your money. What’s more? Ted and his team have gone to great lengths to ensure you won’t have to engage in guesswork. Each plan is extremely easy to follow and you wouldn’t need to work with a carpenter or buy some complex machines to get them done.

Materials List

Each plan is accompanied by a detailed list of materials. These materials are readily available even in local stores including Home Depot. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that you already have some of these in your garage. In addition, this program teaches you how to identify wrong wood, wrong tools, and wrong materials. This way you can stop wasting money on useless materials and spend that money to come up with some awesome programs.

17K Ideas

We’re talking about 16,450 ideas to be precise. How can you beat that? Most importantly each one of them has all the details from A to Z clearly discussed.  This is the right kind of platform you need to widen your scope. And if you’re looking to build your confidence, the step-by-step plans included in this guide would be of great help.

Years of Experience

As we’ve already mentioned, Ted gathered all these ideas from his many years of experience. To be precise, Ted took 36 years working as a carpenter to put this stuff together. So, when you get a copy of it, you’ll be investing in nearly 4 decades worth of technical know-how. Safe to say, you won’t find any other woodworking plans gallery like it.

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It’s Best Suited For?

This program is suitable for anyone who is passionate about woodworking. It is designed for three levels of learning i.e. beginners, intermediate, and advanced learning. Therefore, whether you are just getting started on this passion or you already have an existing woodworking store but want to take things to the next level, this course will be of help.

We also think that this would be an ideal course for anyone looking for a pass-time activity. If you are the adventurous type but considering venturing into something that keeps you grounded and enables you to explore your creative juice, this would certainly be something worth exploring.

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In addition to the main program, you’ll also access four wonderful bonuses. Best of all, these can be accessed at no additional cost.

DWG/CAD Plan Viewer

The first bonus is the DWG/CAD software which comes in handy in opening and customizing some of these plans. It is worth noting that a typical CAD software alone costs close to 2000 bucks on Amazon. Therefore, the fact that you’ll be getting this one here for free is really a big plus.

150 Premium Videos

The second bonus package is a 150 video package which is available in the members’ area. If you are not satisfied with the schematics and the written instructions, you can still enjoy learning through this package. One good thing with it is that, just like the main program, these videos are quite easy to follow and can go a long way in enhancing your woodworking skills.

How To Start A Woodworking Business

The third one is a detailed program on how to convert your woodworking passion into a business. This is known as the “How To Start a Woodworking Business” guide. Its title is self-explanatory. It’s a beat-by-beat approach to setting up a successful business of selling your custom woodwork to a global clientele.

Lastly, you’ll get an awesome woodworking program known as Woodworking Guides which teaches you all the nitty-gritty of this profession.

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3 Problems with It

(1)Sifting through 16,000+ plans is really tiring

(2)In case your computer crashes, you’ll need to get another link from the support department

(3)Some of the videos included in the bonus package have YouTube links

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More About The Author

Ted McGrath is a skilled carpenter with over 36 years of hands-on experience. He claims to have spent most of his time researching and compiling these ideas. Besides that, Ted is an entrepreneur who runs a successful woodwork firm in his neighborhood.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of boosting your career in this niche, this program would be such a good find. It may require a bit of effort from you to read and understand it, but it’s certainly worth the effort. For now, the program is retailing at a heavily discounted price which will end soon. Since we can’t confirm how long this discount window will last, we’d encourage you to be a part of this program right now. If anything, it’s covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. Verdict: This is a must-have.

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