The Lost Book of Remedies Review – The Truth Exposed

It’s a commonly known fact that the average American spends at least $8000 each year on medical drugs. But how come cases of people dying from preventable diseases are always on the rise? Well, that can only confirm the painful truth that conventional medicine cannot be entirely relied upon. You may not understand the severity of this reality until you take a peek into The Lost Book of Remedies. Authored by a grandpa who inherited the knowledge from the Native American way of life, it contains some startling facts everybody should learn a thing or two from.

An Overview

Have you ever wondered how our great-grandparents used to survive in the wilderness before the advent of modern healthcare systems? Well, if you’ve ever taken time to read a bit of history, you’ll realize that the generations that preceded us lived happier and healthier lives.

That’s notwithstanding the fact that they didn’t enjoy some of the luxuries we have today. For instance, they never had AC systems, refrigerators, the internet or even mobile phones. In fact, they used to live in log-cabins and bugging out was their way of life.

Can you imagine that? Yet, they hardly fell sick. In fact, they had an incredibly high life expectancy rate.

So, what were they doing differently? As it turns out, they embraced some rare tricks which helped them avoid some of the challenges we face today.

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Here’s The Truth

The truth is that the human race has been weakening at an alarming rate since the nineteenth century. Is it a coincidence that this happened at the time when the Big Pharma entered the scene? You see, the reality is that the manufacture and sale of drugs is one of the biggest businesses today. The drug industry in the US alone is worth thousands of dollars. Everyone is striving to get a piece of the pie at our expense!

The Lost Book of Remedies is one of the few programs available out there that aim to help humanity reclaim its lost glory. Inside the program is a bunch of natural remedies recommended for different ailments. Here’s a peek of a few of them.

The Angry Bear Paw

This is a natural painkilling extract obtained from a common herb, the wild lettuce, which grows on almost all backyards. The plant’s leaf stalks have a milky substance which you only need to extract and process to create a potent painkiller. You only need to gather this milky substance and prepare an extract from it (in a process that takes 5 hours at most). So, powerful is the Angry Bear Paw that it can even be used to manage deep wounds – even bullet wounds.

Log Man’s Mending Fur

Also commonly referred to as Brandy, this is a conspicuous plant that typically hangs down from dead trunks. But did you know that it has the power to put even the most aggressive bacterial attacks in control? If different Lost Book of Remedy reviews are anything to go by, this priceless plant has the potential to give all the overpriced antibiotics a run for their money. One only needs to mix it with 5 ounces of vodka for 120 minutes. Drinking 10 drops of the resulting solution mixed with a glass water, beefs up your body’s defense system like never before.

Red Beak Powder

Have you been diagnosed with a critical medical condition that your doctor claimed didn’t have a cure? Well, high blood pressure is one of such conditions. Normally, the moment you’re diagnosed with hypertension, the hospitals will require you to take pills for the rest of your life. On the flipside, though, those pills may cause a strain on your liver.

To prevent that from happening, the Red Beak Powder is recommended as a painless way to clear plaque from your arteries. The moment your arteries clear up, your heart will have less strain pumping blood and your high blood pressure will be easier to manage.

The list of remedies discussed within this program goes on and on. We just can’t exhaust the entire list over here. We’d, therefore, encourage you to grab a copy of this program to see for yourself. Still skeptical? Let’s show you some of the potential benefits of investing in this manual.

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How It Works

Now that you have a rough idea of some of the components of this helpful guide, it is time to understand how exactly it works. By doing this, you will have a better idea of the exact kind of approach to take when using it.

The Backyard Weeds Chapter

This is a very important part of the program as it talks about some of the weeds that grow in our neighborhood and how such weeds can be used to prevent and manage certain ailments. The reason we particularly love this part of the training is that it opens up the possibilities of finding some of these herbs without having to buy them from grocery stores or traveling to the countryside.

You simply need to take a walk around your backyard right now and referring to the images and descriptions provided here, you will be able to recognize some of these plants. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that quite a few of them are part of the weed that grows along your driveway.

Besides identifying these plants, you’ll also be able to learn how to actually use them as remedies. For instance, you will learn how to make a poultice using a common driveway weed. You will also earn more about the marshmallow plant and how you can use it to manage infections such as hepatitis A, B, and C, herpes or even flu.

Another common weed that you will learn about here is the Senega plant. The good thing is that you can easily convert this into an expectorant which you can then use to clear lungs and expel mucus. In other words, it would be a perfect replacement for the commercial Mucinex which normally costs 35 bucks.

And the list of backyard weeds that can be used for medicinal benefits goes on and on. You’ll be surprised to discover quite a few interesting recommendations right here.

Remedies That Grow In Forests Chapter

Planning to go out foraging one of these fine days? Well, it is important that you are able to separate between the good wild plants and the poisonous ones. This is a skill that was mastered by The Native Americans but is lacking nowadays and if you can get it, you can rest assured that it would come in handy.

In particular, you’ll get to learn about a plant that grows in most forest glades and how you can boil it and use it to treat lung infections and common colds. Besides that, you will discover the many hidden health benefits of the sticky burrs that get attached to your clothing when walking through the woodland. Like did you know that this annoying weed was used as a natural sweetener by The Native Americans until some 2 centuries gone by?

Besides being a sweetener, it is a natural diuretic. You can take it to boost the circulation of blood so if you are suffering from Sciatica or having some parts of your body going numb, you can fully benefit from it.

Wild Edibles & Remedies That Grow In the Prairie Chapter

A vast majority of these are found spread all over the USA. They include the likes of the Boneset which can easily be transformed into a powerful Antipyretic. In other words, this common plant can be used to reduce fever.

Ever heard of the popular “Cowboy’s toilet paper”? Well, a simple touch of its soft leaves will confirm why it is a popular choice among the cowboys. But besides playing that role, did you know that it can actually be used as an antiseptic for wounds and cuts?

You simply need to make a poultice from it and also use a part of the leaf to create a bandage of sorts. This book further shows you how to go about putting this particular leaf in your shoes every morning and why it can bring you some refreshing benefits.

Another common weed found in the prairies is the Woolly Lamb’s Ear. It was commonly used as a frontier poultice to stop bleeding among soldiers. For being high in Vitamin K, this particular plant is renowned for its ability to coagulate the blood. Once again, you will learn how you can actually this to not only stop bleeding but also to help anyone who might be diabetic.

Medicinal & Edible Trees Found In North America Chapter

Trees grow in almost every part of the country. In fact, some of them grow right in our streets. But did you know that some of them are actually medicinal? Their flowers, roots, leaves and even inner barks can be used to create remedies.

For instance, there is a common thorn tree that grows almost everywhere in the country. It has pods. This particular tree was used by the Native Americans as a sweetener. Its sharp spikes were used as pains, spear points, and nails.

According to a recent study by the Michigan State University, its flowers can be used in the prevention and management of lung tumors, colon and breast cancer.

The list of trees that can safely be used for medication goes on and on. And, therefore, your best bet is to get a copy of this program so you can use it to understand which trees to choose and why.

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Benefits of It

So, what are some of the good reasons to invest in this guide? Well, if you are still eager to learn more about this book, here are some of the key benefits that are lined up for you.

Benefit #1: 100% Natural

This program contains herbs, plants, and extracts exactly as they were used by our forefathers. Besides that, all the recipes detailed in it are free from any use of artificial ingredients.

Benefit #2: Detailed

This is certainly not one of those hurriedly written scams. Every bit of it is highly detailed given the fact that this program was authored for several decades. Most importantly, every remedy discussed in this guide contains a detailed, step-by-step recipe to help you at every step of the way.

Benefit #3: Affordable

The Lost Book of Remedies is not cheap but is certainly affordable. In fact, the publisher is currently selling it for a limited-time discount. We’d encourage you to take advantage of that discount window to save a few more dollars on it.

Benefit #4: Contains HD Photos

Some of the plants and herbs discussed in this program have their lookalikes. To leave no room for error, this manual contains high definition photos. You can use those photos to identify the correct plants on your own even if you’ve never done that before.

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3 Problems with It

(1)This program is recommended for people who love nature, health, outdoor stuff and a bit of history; otherwise, you might find it a little boring to follow.

(2)Some of the recommended recipes take quite some time to prepare – sometimes, even days.

(3)The bonuses of this program aren’t available in hard copy, only the main program is.

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In addition to the main program, two additional guides are included at no additional cost. These include The 72 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard which talks about how to convert your small backyard into a medicinal garden of sorts. Secondly, there’s the Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook which provides you with a detailed guide on survival medicine.

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About The Author

This program was authored by the grandfather of Claude Davis who died in 2001. Fortunately, Claude decided to take the program “as it was” and published it – only adding HD photos to help you have an easier time identifying the remedies. Claude is a survivalist who also runs a renowned prepper website.

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Final Thoughts

Tired of using trial-and-error conventional remedies that only wreak havoc in your body? It’s time you tried something different and refreshing. That’s where the Lost Book of Remedies comes in. Having conducted a deep review of its unique approach, we recommend you give it a shot.

PS: The current deadline window is lapsing pretty fast; you’re better off placing your order right now rather than later.

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