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The Lost Ways 2 Review – An Honest & Detailed Insight


Technology and modernization have seen governments taking over the responsibility of providing essential services like water and electricity. This has denied people the opportunity to be self-sufficient and capable of performing basic tasks. But the Lost Ways 2 is different as it exposes you to real knowledge that can help you take control of your future.


Product Name: The Lost Ways 2

Author/Creator: Claude Davis

Price: $37.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website: https://www.thelostways2.com/

The Lost Ways 2
The Lost Ways 2
The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page survival guidebook, authored by Claude Davis. The author, Claude Davis, gives you strategies that seek to bring back lost survival skills of our ancestors.
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The Lost Ways 2 – What Is It?

The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page survival guidebook, authored by Claude Davis. The author, Claude Davis, gives you strategies that seek to bring back lost survival skills of our ancestors. Indeed, this program equips you with ancient tips to survive world disasters including war, terror attacks, diseases, famine, natural disasters, and economic crises.

It’s no doubt we live in an unpredictable world. Survival skills like planting seeds, discovering natural treatments and building houses which were common skills of ancient man, can help us cope with various catastrophic disasters. They can help one to live in a remote area.

In a nutshell, this program is all about reclaiming the techniques that helped humanity survive against all odds in the first place. And with such skills, it should be easier for you to deal with any unforeseen occurrences such as EMP attacks, social chaos, civil uprisings, mob attacks, cyclones, and typhoons.

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What to Expect?

For starters, this program is designed for people of all walks of life. So, whether you’re in your old age struggling with arthritis or you’re a DIY enthusiast who would like to stay prepared at all times, this guide would make a lot of sense to you. Most importantly, the advice contained in this program is one worth passing down from generation to generation.

Therefore, if you have a family and want to keep them safe by equipping them with essential survival tactics, this would definitely be a program worth giving a shot.

To break it down further, here are some of the survival tips and tidbits you can expect to find within this detailed course.

Survival Foods

The Lost Ways 2 book is packed with so much information about plant science for food consumption. The book talks about three superfoods that are good for survival. The Ancient Superfood is the main focus of this book – supposedly used by our ancestors, over 600years ago. This food can be stored for years in pit holes and used all year round. The book reveals the secret survival tips of NASA Astronauts, who use this food in Space.

You will learn another superfood, the Samurai Superfood a very affordable superfood that was invented by a Samurai and is packed with antibiotics and nutrients. You will also learn about the Great Depression Superfood. It is a miracle plant, very affordable food that can last for up to 2years without any refrigeration.

Health Plants and Products

The Lost Ways 2 book will teach you about medicinal plants. About plant science for your health and wellness. You will learn how to find plants to treat common ailments, heart issues, diabetes, and infections. You will also be taught about how to use ordinary plants to treat common ailments.

In addition, you will learn about some secret herbs an Indian Cherokee taught Claude about. Other health information you will acquire is in form of ideas on how to make good use of anti-bacterial plants and you will discover the health benefits of activated charcoal pills which cure high bad cholesterol, gas, and indigestion.

Water Survival Skills

Within this course are some ingenious techniques that our ancestors used to dig wells using minimal resources. And likewise, using these methods, you won’t need to spend a dime to deliver a constant supply of fresh water to your family.

You see, water is perhaps the most important thing in any survival situation. You can survive for close to a month without food but not 7 days without water. So, if your stockpile strategy does not focus on this all-important resources, then you are gambling with your well-being in case a disaster strikes.

Fortunately, using the recommendations provided in the Lost Ways 2, you’ll be in a position to not only find water but also purify it so it’s safe for your family to use.

Activated Charcoal

If you have been researching on various survival techniques, chances are that you have a rough idea what this kind of charcoal can do. It is the highest purity charcoal and its job is to create a water filter system. So, even if you’re in the middle of a place with contaminated water, you won’t have to worry at all because this kind of system can purify up to 800 gallons of water for you.

 What’s more? Besides being useful as a water filtration system, activated charcoal can be used to prevent gas and indigestion. It also has the potential to lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Hunting and Animal Products

Have you ever asked yourself how the pioneers of the Wild West hunted deer and made tanned hides? Well, just like them, you’ll learn how exactly to hunt deer and how to butcher it. You’ll also learn about the best parts to eat and which ones to preserve for a later date.

What’s more? You will be able to master the skills of using each part of deer to your own advantage e.g. how to make bow strings, knife handles, tallow, needles, and even glue.

How to Make Shelter

It is one thing to know how to prepare food and water but another one altogether to know where to keep it. Indeed, shelter is an important part of any survival strategy – so don’t compromise on it. The good thing is that the Lost Ways 2 program contains all the tips and tidbits needed to build log houses.

Best of all, you will learn an extremely simple method of building this kind of house just like the pioneers did. And the best part is that you don’t have to wait for the fall to benefit from these skills. You can actually use them to create a log cabin where you and your family can be spending their holidays.

How to Prepare Medicine

In the event of social crises, a vast majority of people die because of the lack of basic medical services. This is exactly what happened when Hurricane Katrina occurred. And, therefore, it is important that you know how to prepare medicine using herbal extracts just like our forefathers did.

The first technique you’ll learn is how to identify a wide variety of plants using colored pictures. This way, you’ll be able to know different names by their names and physical looks.

You’ll also learn how to prepare a natural painkiller using three easy-to-find plants. This painkiller is so effective that it will help deal with your pain in a matter of minutes.

Then there is an entire section that talks about antibiotics. These are extremely important in fighting infections and you really don’t want to try surviving without them. But in case you run out of your supply of antibiotics, you’ll be in a position to know the exact kind of plants to turn to.

Lastly, the Lost Ways 2 talks about one tree that has properties that can stop bleeding in a matter of seconds. This can come in handy in the management of accidental injuries or injuries incurred in case of attacks.

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Who Can Benefit It?

Lost Ways 2 book is a fun book that takes you back to pre-civilization days and how the survival skills used by our forefathers can be applied in our modern lives. This book would benefit adventure seekers, survivalists, preppers and history lovers. This book can also benefit practitioners of sustainable tourism not forgetting missionaries taking the gospel to remote areas of the world.

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Benefits Of Using It

Why should you invest your time, money and other resources into this course especially in a world that is experiencing relative calm? You might be wondering – and well, here are a few of the good reasons we’ve identified so far.

Survival skills

You learn survival skills. Disasters do happen; this book will prepare you to survive without electricity. The book can prepare you to live in a remote area where the government does not provide essential services like water and electricity. You learn how to survive and have fun during an expedition. The book will teach you how to do basic tasks like hunting.

You learn about medicine and health

Lost Ways 2 book will expose you to simple remedies for common ailments including activated charcoal pills and locally available plants.

You learn new DIY skills

You will be taught many survival skills including how to build a vacation home, you learn about hunting, how to treat leather, how to make tools from bones of deer, how to make activated charcoal among other skills.

Learn History

You learn pre-technology times and how our forefathers lived. You’ll take a journey back through time without having to leave your living room. This is interesting.

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In our view, this program is quite complete given the fact that it tackles all pressure points one is likely to experience in case of a crisis. But it seems like the author of this program thinks otherwise – and, therefore, he has gone ahead to provide a limited-time access to the following extra bonuses.

How to Become Self-sufficient on 4 Acres of Land
How to Become Self-sufficient on 4 Acres of Land
The report was made especially for people who want to have a self-sufficient homestead. The authored will show you exactly how to build and how to divide the land into small sections to get the most out of it

Authored by Aaron Michaels this free bonus package teaches you how not to be too dependent on the government for water, electricity and other essential services and how to survive without modern technology.

You are taught how to divide your land into segments and the kind of plants to go for. You will be taught many survival skills like how to harvest rainwater and on how to plant different varieties of medicinal plants.

What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP
What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP
If an EMP hits America tomorrow, there are 43 things you need to have ready in advance. This guide probably the most practical and accurate information you'll ever find because it's taken straight from people living off the grid.

The guide shares about 43 things you need, in order to survive an EMP attack. You will learn a number of facts about what EMP attacks are, and how to survive an EMP attack.

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  • Risk-free purchase, backed with 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Customer Service assistance to answer your questions
  • Comes as a digital product and a physical book
  • Easy to apply techniques that are not expensive

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  • It’s mainly a book that has to be read. Hence you have to dedicate time to read it.
  • If you want the physical book you have to incur shipping costs.
  • To benefit you have to take action and apply the knowledge acquired

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About The Author

Claude Davis is a passionate writer and survivalist. He is the author of The Lost Ways 2 book a course that has, to a large extent, redefined the art of prepping. Claude has been researching and learning about survival instincts and tips for more than 30 years. He lives a self-sufficient life and applies the skills he teaches in his book. He has a wife and two children. His family lives in a log cabin they built on their own. In fact, they even wear hand-made clothes.

Claude runs a successful top survival website and spends his free time exploring. This author teaches about lost survival skills and how to regain them.

So, you can rest assured to learn quite a lot from him. And best of all, because he practices what he preaches, he gives you the confidence that what he talks about isn’t just fiction or theory. It is real-life stuff that you and your entire family can actually benefit from.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking to boost your survival knowledge and become self-sufficient, this is just the kind of program to go for. Our review reveals that The Lost Ways 2 is highly informative and fun to read. We would, therefore, encourage you to give this course a try as it offers good value for money.

Verdict: Be sure to try it out today.

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The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page survival guidebook, authored by Claude Davis. The author, Claude Davis, gives you strategies that seek to bring back lost survival skills of our ancestors.

Features and Ease of Use
  • Survival skills
  • You learn about medicine and health
  • You learn new DIY skills
  • Many words
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