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The Lost Ways Review – Our Unbiased Thought

Life is better today than it was a century ago. We now live in modern houses that are insulated. We also have electricity, the internet, better cars, and even better medical facilities. But there lies one major problem. The more we embrace modernity, the more we lose the survival skills that helped our forefathers survive against all odds. So, if the country was to fall under an attack that destroys all basic systems, would we be able to survive? That’s what the Lost Ways Program is all about. And in this review, we’re going to explore some of the alternatives that it offers and whether they’re worth all the hype or not.


Product Name: The Lost Ways

Author/Creator: Claude Davis

Price: $37.00

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website:

The Lost Ways
The Lost Ways
The Lost Ways is a guide that goes beyond what other survival programs talk about. It shows you some of the practical things you can take from today so your survival chances are bolstered.
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The Lost Ways Review – What Is It?

This is a survival program that’s available both as a physical product and as an eBook. Within it are steps that are broken down for you so you can have an easy time perfecting what you already know about survival.

What’s more? This guide goes beyond what other survival programs talk about. It shows you some of the practical things you can take from today so your survival chances are bolstered. For instance, it shows you how to make medicine from natural herbs by providing you with the recipes. It also shows you how to make shelter, find water, and defend your family from attackers. And best of all, it leaves no stones unturned! All the details are shared in black and white and broken down into small, easy-to-follow steps.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how versed you currently are with survival skills. Even if you have never taken a survival course before, you’ll certainly enjoy learning from this guide. Likewise, even if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll still find the advice offered within this program quite useful especially if you want to beef up your skills.

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What to Expect

Enough of the highlights, let’s now delve deeper into the specifics. What exactly can you expect to find when you get hold of this program? Here’s a breakdown.


Inside this program is a detailed run-down of some of the remedies that were used by our ancestors for centuries. The good thing with these remedies is that they can be obtained from basic, everyday stuff. Some of them actually grow in your backyard and around every other house. Others are common weeds. For instance, you can think of the wild lettuce, a common weed, yet this program will show you how to unlock and use its painkilling benefits.

Self-Defence Tactics

It’s one thing to have the biggest stockpile of medicine and food but another to be able to ward off attackers who’d do anything to steal all that from you. As you know, when nations descend into social chaos, gangs tend to take over the streets. So, how do you keep such guys from looting your stockpile? How do you defend your family from armed attackers and bandits? This course contains techniques that were used by wise sheriffs to defend entire villages even when they were outnumbered and outgunned.

Building a Subterranean Roundhouse

Modern houses are not always secure and the root cellar guidelines you might have seen on YouTube may not work. But what if you could bank on the methods used by the Native Americans to build underground houses? Those houses used to be perfectly camouflaged yet resilient against storms. And best of all, the shelter could comfortably accommodate up to 4 families. So, learning how to make a subterranean roundhouse from this program can go a long way in protecting your family even when everyone else is sleeping out there in the streets.

Preserving Water

Water is perhaps one of the most important survival elements. In fact, no one can survive for long without water – yet one can go for close to a month without food. Yet in a world dominated by social disorder, there’s no way to guarantee your family of a steady supply of fresh water. But all thanks to the secrets used by XVII century sailors, this program reveals how you can find and preserve water for months on end. And best of all, these methods are entirely cost-free.

Making Your Own Ammo

If you’re reading this Lost Ways Reviews, chances are that you already have a gun safe at home. But what would happen when there’s no more ammo to be had? Your entire gun collection would be virtually useless. But now all thanks to an old west history expert advice, you’ll learn how to never run out of bullets!

Yet all that is just but a tip of the iceberg. Within this program is an extensive collection of survival ideas. There’s no way we can exhaust all of them within this review.

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  • Broken down into easy-to-follow steps
  • Contains practical survival advice that has been proven to work over time
  • You can choose to go for the physical or digital products (or both)
  • Backed by a 60-day money back guarantee
  • The program isn’t a one-man show but rather a collection of knowledge from different experts
  • The writing style is quite engaging and fun to be a part of
  • Its cost-effective compared to consulting a full-time survivalist or prepper for advice

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  • The program can be useless if you don’t put its advice into use
  • It takes time for the physical product to arrive
  • To an extent, it may sound like the brainchild of a doomsday prophet

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About The Author

The chief author of this program is Claude Davis, a survivalist expert who’s also behind the website. But Claude didn’t work alone. He enlisted the support of experts from different niches among them:

Ruff Simons (History Expert)

He is an old west history expert. Besides that, he’s a former deputy who spent most of his early days in life learning the methods and techniques used by the wise sheriffs to defend their villages. The best part is that these sheriffs were able to defend their small villages even when outnumbered and outgunned by bandits. So, Ruff provides you with access to the methods and tools they used for this.

Erik Bainbridge (Native village reconstruction expert)

He took part in rebuilding the Kule Loklo “Bear Valley” native village in California. You see, Erik boasts a great degree of expertise in building subterranean roundhouses exactly as the Native Americans used to. In particular, he is quite good at building underground, camouflaged houses.

So, if you are looking for a guide that helps you build an affordable root cellar that you can run to in case of the fall, Erik would be the best coach to work with.

He shares some incredibly easy-to-understand, battle-field tested tips and tidbits and also talks about the all-important topic of making sure water and food reserves last all year long.

Shannon Azares (water storage expert)

Shannon is more than just a water conservation expert. She is a historian who has grasped all the secrets of the XVII century in regards to how sailors used to preserve water in their ships for many months. What is even more interesting is how simple their water preservation methods were – and the water would remain fresh for years. And to top it all up, the methods discussed by Shannon are cost-free meaning you can even start benefiting from them right now.

Mike Searson (Old West history expert)

Worried that you might run out of Ammo when social chaos becomes the order of the day? Mike Searson is your go-to guy. He’s an Old West history expert who provides you with handy tips on how to survive when there is no more ammo to be had.

He will particularly expose you to the tricks on how Old West folks used to wander in the wilderness and end up with 8 deer despite only having 6 bullets. He also talks about why their ammo never used to run out.

With such skills, you won’t need to worry about storing a cache of ammo. Remember the panic buying experienced in 2013? You won’t have to be a part of that even if the great collapse happens tomorrow provided you have Mike Searson’s wisdom with you.

Susan Morrow (Chemistry expert)

Chemistry is the science that holds all the basics of survival together. With a bit of chemistry knowledge, you can literally conjure up water from the thin air or even make high-grade antibiotics from commonplace herbs. That’s precisely why Susan Morrow’s contribution to the vast The Lost Ways program is indispensable.

She will teach you about the safest way to make Pemmican. She also talks about “The Art of Poultice.” Best of all, she will teach you one trick that will ensure that your food never goes bad.

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On top of the value-packed main program, you’ll also access some free special gifts. These include the following.

Bonus #1: What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard

This is a special report that contains exclusive details on some of the nutrient-rich but hardy plants that you should start growing. Once you have a few of these in your backyard, you’ll never run out of food. What’s more? These are not ordinary plants but ones that are capable of surviving even in the worst possible conditions e.g. in light-deprived conditions, flooded areas or even during drought.

Besides helping you identify such plants, Claude through this program teaches you how to plant them and also how to harvest them. Most importantly, he also talks about how to go about storing them and so forth. So, as you can imagine, this is a one-stop-shop for ensuring that you have a non-stop supply of food even from a tiny backyard garden.

Bonus #2: How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way

You cannot underestimate the likelihood of an EMP attack happening. But it is what you do after such an attack happens that determines whether you will be able to safely survive or not. Indeed, within this bonus program, Claude provides you with a day-to-day guide on how to survive such an attack.

The first 30-days of such an attack are the most crucial ones in survival and, therefore, this course covers that specific period of time. Most importantly, the survival skills provided here are all borrowed from our great grandparents.

In particular, this special report contains details on the 10 most crucial things to do during day 1 of the attack. That’s of course in addition to a list of daily activities from day 2 onward to day 30. The idea here is to provide you with a 100 percent self-sufficient system even when the world outside descends into chaos.

Also, this no-nonsense course shows you exactly what you need to do so you never run out of water, heat (warmth) or food. Once again, these things may not seem important until you actually lose them and that’s why this bonus program is extremely important.

Bonus #3: Can Rotation System (Step-by-Step Guide)

Inside this manual are detailed guidelines on how to go about setting up a can rotating system that’s not only a money-saver but a time-saver as well. The mechanism behind this entire system is quite simple but only a few people even know about it.

This system works in such a manner that whenever you buy new cans, you simply insert them in the upper-shelf. Then automatically, the cans will roll down meaning you will always pick the cans closest to the expiration date.

This essential system makes sure you get the most from your stockpile and that nothing goes to waste. The cool and efficient mechanism behind it is quite easy to build using this blueprint such that you would barely need to spend 95 bucks getting the job done. Note: A ready-made rotation system goes for $420 on Amazon so building it yourself is, by far, the cheaper option.

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Final Thoughts

To be honest, we’re yet to come across a survival program that’s as comprehensive as the Lost Ways. That’s why we’d like to highly recommend it for anyone who’d like to secure their future from today.

Verdict: Give it a try today.

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The Lost Ways 2 is a guide that goes beyond what other survival programs talk about. It shows you some of the practical things you can take from today so your survival chances are bolstered.

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