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It’s that time of the month again when you head to your mailbox to collect your power bill. You find an envelope sitting pretty in the box and when you open it, the story of skyrocketing cost of power continues to haunt you. This happens despite the fact that you’ve been doing everything it takes to save power at home. In fact, you recall that you’ve been forcing your family to survive without the AC yet all you get in your monthly bill is a figure above the average $150 paid by the ordinary American. Does this story sound familiar? The Ultimate Energizer program might be of interest to you.

Ultimate Energizer Review

This is a well-written, step-by-step blueprint that teaches you how best to generate free, permanent energy at home. The program contains a combination of instruction that you can use to piece this together, from scratch.

What’s more? You don’t need any past experience in creating electrical systems for this to make sense to you. In fact, this program is designed for the ordinary American who may not have the time to learn how electrical systems work.

Each one of the steps you need to follow is written in a language that’s easy to understand. It’s also accompanied by a clear set of instructions along with the schematic diagrams which are presented in HD quality.

The idea behind this system is to create something that’s extremely easy to understand. And best of all, you don’t need any fancy or expensive materials to get started. In fact, most of the materials required can easily be found in local stores or junkyard sales. Maybe you even have some of these sitting idle in your garage right now as we speak!

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The Truth about Energy Firms

The idea of creating a system that operates quietly, without relying on solar power, wind power or gasoline may sound like a far-fetched on. So, is it really possible to live off-the-grid? You might be wondering.

Well, the truth of the matter is that it’s possible to create such a system and live off our aging power grid for good. The problem, however, is that the Big Energy companies have done everything in their means to make sure that this knowledge never reaches the vast majority of the American population. That’s because, their only goal is to keep selling you metered power at inflated prices – so they can make huge profits.

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How It Works

This generator is designed to work by tapping into the earth’s magnetic core. It actually cuts power bills by as much as 68% despite taking as much as 4 hours to build. And because it works autonomously, you can turn on your AC as frequently as you’d like.

Interestingly, it’s not extremely large. It’s portable and can be even be used in the RV. Most importantly, it can be used to power all the appliances in your home. So, in other words, this is a free energy motor that you can bank on either as a backup system or as a full replacement for your current sources of power.

Compared to other conventional sources of power, this is extremely cheap to run. It’s virtually maintenance-free which makes it quite handy to have around your home.

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The Science Behind It

So, how does the Ultimate Energizer work if it doesn’t use the conventional methods of generating power? Well, this free energy magnet motor uses natural properties to generate energy. This is achieved through the repulsion of the magnet poles in order to build a perpetual motion.

The permanent magnets are designed to create an environment that can defy the force of gravity. Therefore, actually, the eventual energy that you consume at home will come from the environment around you and not from the magnet.

For instance, it creates a perpetual motion which enables some gears to keep rotating. Eventually, these gears rotate some wheels and belts thereby generating what’s known as mechanical energy. Eventually, this energy is channeled to an alternator where it’s converted into electrical energy in use at home.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this generator is that it has the ability to create a multiplier effect on the amount of power you generate. And for that reason, it’s incredibly scalable. In other words, you can use it to generate more and more power to reflect your growing power demands. And that way, you can use it to meet all your power needs at home – 100%. So, imagine for a moment opening your mailbox and finding a bill from the energy company that reads zero?

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Easy To Set Up

As we’ve mentioned, this entire system is extremely easy to set up. You don’t need any special skills to get it up and running. Most importantly, it takes about 4 hours to finish building from scratch.


No fumes or explosive chemicals are used here. And for that reason, you can always tap into the system knowing that it won’t pose danger to your family.

Quality of Life

You won’t need to turn off the AC anymore unless you choose to do so. Your family will have the freedom to consume electricity as they’d like. In other words, your life will be virtually unlimited.


Imagine what you could achieve with all those savings? And from today, you can start saving that $150 that you’d pay the power company – at the end of the year, it’ll have grown into $1,500. Isn’t that more than enough to buy a kayak and some fishing gear to enjoy some fulfilled weekends?

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(1) The blueprint is entirely online-based
(2) You need some time to complete reading it before you can build the generator
(3) You need to dedicate at least 4 hours to build it

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About The Author

This system is the brainchild of Michael, a man who admits that the rising cost of power was messing up his life. This went on until he found out about this cutting-edge device which is based on a staggering invention made in the 1900s.

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Final Thoughts

You can choose to ignore this product and continue being ripped off and facing irregular power blackouts for the rest of your life. Alternatively, you can choose to take control of your life by giving a system like the Ultimate Energizer a shot. Sure, it will require you to invest a few hundreds of dollars and hours to set it up – but if you manage to get it working, you’ll be able to recover all that in 2 or 3 months.

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8.5 Total Score
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So, from our perspective, this sounds like a great system and we’d encourage you to consider getting it.

  • Easy To Set Up
  • Safe
  • Quality of Life
  • Savings
  • Online-based
  • At least 4 hours to build it
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